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© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

21/214 War

It's lopsided, our use
It's out of balance
It's ratchet
It's wretched
It's teetering on
It’s off the edge

War has its claws in
Fang’s perforation
Murder’s salutation
Obliterating nations
Rat-a-tat-tat’s abrasion
Boom boom’s annihilation

Peace is waiting

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime


We can't continue to be rigid in our walk
Can't continue to fail Peace
Can't continue to worship the unknown
And fail to cherish Home

We can begin to be giving along our way
Offer affections for strangers
Release the fear we have of one another
Recognize our sister and brother

We can begin, we can begin again
Tote our love from within
And bring Peace out into the open
We've begun, let it never-end

Peace & Love

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

The Dance of We

I do not condone "attacking" anyone, verbally or physically, I condone a healthy debate where we can all learn a thing or two, not about the subject at hand necessarily, but we can learn, must learn of and within our abilities or inabilities to handle certain aspects of a debate on-line, a discussion. We must learn from the nuances or viewpoints found from both sides. We must learn to accept others, even those that "attack" us for any number of reasons. There is a fine balance to accepting that what those who attack us might say or add to a debate might well contain a nugget of truth or a word or two that aligns with the discussion in a way that is understood and may well benefit both parties to understand.

I recommend not pointing out the "attack", but diffusing it, softening its edges, by being steadfast with kindness and with a genuine regard for the opinion and viewpoint of those you perceive as attacking you.

I have learned much about my own viewpo…

Let Us Rise

Let us rise up as stewards to Home and one another, then our expectations will align with Creation's idea of salvation. (H)eartH is most precious to the One Exactness, for it is Life and we its personification. Remember.

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime, Peace & Love

Poaching Tomorrow

Let us not allow tomorrow's ivory to be poached by thieves.
© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

Ferguson Missouri


When Peace and Love are there... we'll then know we have arrived and on to the next battle, the next war, until Peace & Love are seen where we are at any given moment, globally, harmoniously lifted from our suffering, self-inflicted or otherwise.

Peace & Love, a union like none other toward all other's salvation...

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

Family Connection

If we are family... we are connected.
A collective family is fluid, loving, peaceful,
completely, globally, brothers and sisters
One connection, complete. Shall We?

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime