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Scream Scream Scream

It feels like forever my cry, my plea, my love to voice, peace swimming forever and ever into its own, from fledgling innocence to full bore flesh splayed for the world to witness the gravel of graves, the bleached bone and flesh of consumption, the sharp end of the sorrow coming our way, birds flying higher, higher still to simply breathe. The dream’s concluded, now is the time to act. Scream! © 2014 Mark Richard Prime

Banners Held High

Banners held high, fingers pushed up for Peace, mouths taking in all the kind words they can bridge, that they might slather over the grimace of our greed. Put our feet in motion! Put our love in overdrive! We've much to unlearn. There’s nothing more, really, that we need to know, aside from “motion creates”… Love and Peace from end to end of our affections cradling us without want, save for the care of the (H)eartH's ailing grief, suffering at the paws of ungrateful beasts. Love, Laughter, Kindness, Joy, Peace, all in motion. Begin. © 2014 Mark Richard Prime

We've Begun

We've begun in earnest, let us continue the wave of Peace and let us march Lovingly onward toward the immense light that lives within us. Let us reverse our failures and forgive ourselves that we might recall our kinship to all and everyone. Love and Peace have begun their rise and must be considered most precious for they are required for humankind's survival. Love and Peace cannot be divided or parsed at our bidding. Let us implement the fresh and imperative calling as if it were the solemn oath that we'll never again break or allow to be spoiled by greed. Let our voices be heard! Let our Peace and Kindness and Love be seen and felt, let the Heart(H) take the stage like never before imagined... Peace & Love © 2014 Mark Richard Prime