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Heavenly Nature

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

Powerful Force(s)

The most powerful force between all people's is Love,
Kindness, Laughter, Freedom and Forgiveness.

Love before War, and Peace will always be the victor.

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

Solution and Problem

The problem with solutions is that they need acting upon, if not... then by God complain!

Stand up and damn well whine until your blue in the face! Take action by letting them know that you are tired of their failing to enact solutions on the people's behalf! Tell them that you demand to be heard so that solutions might be forthcoming!

It is what responsible citizens can and must do...

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

Small World

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

This World

I believe this small world, by universal standards, has no "evil", it's inhabitants, on the other hand, do. I believe there is more "goodness" within us than "evil", and we've much need to bring it forth now, long before we're ever summoned to another. I'd imagine that when the collective of humans are loving and kind, humble and forgiving, grateful and joyful, is when another world will accept us.

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime


War is the cruel monster, the brain-dead offspring of Fear.

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

Road-maps and Bombs

Egypt launches initiative to halt Israel-Palestinian conflict
Why do we reside between War and Peace?
Sky’s tapestry doles out guns, rockets and bombs
While flesh and bone swim away from the ache
that breathes as the food for murder.

We hide behind holy books as if they tell our story
While death finds home inside our breathless living,
as War dispatches its ravens to our doors
and our excuses smirk with the teeth of faith.

Why do we wait, stooped for another glance,
The arid drapery tossing down evidence
as War finds breath outside of any motive?
(Road-maps are useless to bombs.)

Why do we hold revulsion hunched in the gloom?
Hatred’s animal howls with our bereavement.
And our bending bodies rightly quenched
When we fill our troughs with blood.

Come, Peace, rise up with Love and Kindness!
Don’t wait for desperation to spread its misery,
Bring all War down upon its damnable knees
and shatter its howling in a final thunder!

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

God - People

If I'm not mistaken, "God's people" are all of the living and breathing people on the (H)eartH, Life, to which we are not alone.

What we do to the least of them, and to life, we do to God. War, genocide, rape, thievery, oppression, starvation, slavery, destruction, pollution, air, water and soil, animal, plant, tree, mountain, valley and plain, 100%. The bible may not speak of the collective... and this should give one pause.

Peace & Love

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

And End To

And "corporate America", Bernie, is not some entity that came into our lives without our will, it is of the people's making, and, if We made, and make it, We alone have the power to unmake it.


No! Stop making it!


Freedom will come once We see that merely "voting" is a form of slavery! It is the thing that brings our use to its knees as if we're beholden to a system that is corrupted, without the collective's best interests at heart. It divides and conquers by its very nature!

(Don't vote?)

End corporation's stranglehold by "electing" NOT TO BE USED any longer! Even your own use, sir, has found itself on its knees to the corporation, the very thing that uses you and your fellow colleagues as pawns in a game that is, without question, the collective will! We allow corporation to thrive, not the other way around! It is We that shall end the virulent self-inflicted tyranny that blinds us by our ceasing to support t…


If enough of us become eagles instead of pigeons (shepherds instead of sheep), we can rise as a convocation and our use can soar together instead of merely flock...

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime


Isn't that akin to burning a bridge? If you walked through it, did you learn something that enabled you to do so? Then perhaps the others behind it will make their way through it to find you...

Love, Peace, Kindness and Truth, the doorways that are always open...

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime


I do not have a permanent view. Nothing being permanent to me means I am adaptable within the constant flux, an aspect of our animal that seems to be forgotten.

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime


I think we are robbed of our personal journey when we are instructed, especially as children, to believe what others tell us is the absolute truth, instead of being allowed to take the journey to find out for ourselves. It is within, we just have to be encouraged to seek it there.

I think it's a grave mistake to tell another what they MUST believe, and especially shameful if that instruction is given with the fear of an eternal damnation.

Fear shall not be found in Love or Peace's fullness.
Fear will have no refuge in Heaven.
There is no Hell, only the fear of it.

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

Humans Out of Control

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

Beautiful Irony

This is a beautiful irony…
life growing in munitions of death,
ongoing, despite such monstrous concepts.
Despite our waging war on sister and brother,
our foul genius falling down upon one another,
this is a beautiful irony…

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime


© 2014 Mark Richard Prime


Human's needn't a book or books to tell them where they are or how to behave, and therein lies the answer to Peace.

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

Two Camps

There can not be two camps, one War and the other Peace. There is only Peace and it is not a camp. Peace will arrive with or without our warring animal. I say let's make it with, shall we?

War is a lie and we better get to recognizing its thunder before we go about placing blame on one or another for its monstrous use and instead find ourselves annihilated, along with much of life.

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

All Wars

All wars, I'd argue, are manufactured by humankind, otherwise what use is a bomb? It was indeed manufactured, right? How about a grenade? A bullet? A tank? A machine gun?

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

Manufactured War

Manufactured wars (wars) are not our friend and certainly don't decrease the number of "terrorists". They increase them by our becoming the very thing we say we're fighting, and by increasing the loathing for such despicable acts of "terror" in the guise of taxes paid by we the people to drop bombs on those we say want to kill us.

It's indeed a circle we march around on, a maddening circle, at that, so let's be sure that what we find when we come around full circle is not self-inflicted.

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

Lethal Concoctions

I do not think that we can survive our lethal concoctions and instruments of destruction, doesn't mean I don't think we need to protect ourselves. But our "protection" can come in more productive ways as well.

Instead of repeating the same mistakes from history, let us truly protect ourselves from ourselves by ceasing our "cold war" mentalities of increasing the number and power of our weapons. It is a fools game to imagine that the more virulent firepower we have the better "protected" we are.

It is shortsighted to imagine that the idea of more instead of less, when it comes to deadly weapons, is some sort of a viable plan. It might work in the short haul, but it is a reaction that will only increase the deadly arsenal for humankind's "survival", yet bring about the "deadly" that much faster. It makes little sense, not even in the least.

We all want to survive, but survival should not be our goal alone. The best way to…