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True Purpose

With all due respect, I'm not so sure we have slowed down much in our creation of new idols and I don't think the idolatry of money has wavered or gone missing since it wound its way inside our thinking, Francis. It may have been "hidden" from many people's view, but the church, for one example among many, is certainly a testament that it never left. I am glad that you have found it in yourself to speak out about it, though I sense that your statement is somewhat disingenuous given your knowledge of the "golden-calf".


© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

Cover of Flesh

I do not spend too much time with another's "written" thoughts, especially those regarding who they believe themselves to be, or who they think I am supposed to be, I instead read (and interpret, scribe) my own story that is born within Me.

I believe it is what all are meant to do, though I do not know it to be a fact. I know that it'd make one amazing collective story! The One truth born in all with a similar enough through-line to accommodate all on the collective journey upon the circle we call Life.

I think of it as a book whose cover is flesh and whose plot has already been written. Yes. I believe I located that "book", my story within and I'm reading it until I have found the true Me. I scribe my "interpretation" of it without deviating much from the through-line, then I believe I will have found who I was born to be waiting on the internal page and from then on out who I am will walk with Me, within Me, known to my thinking vessel.


FREEdom Form

I believe that freedom is free at its highest form.
I do not disrespect the warrior, only the war.

War is repugnant to Creation, abhorrent to God,
detestable to Home and terrifying for All.
Horrifying to those that go to battle,
to those that are War’s collateral,
to those who lose their limbs,
and those that drop a bomb on them.
War is horrific to those who lost their children to its teeth,
to those who find themselves without choice but to speak,
those who think of war as required
and those who speak of it as I,
those who have brown skin,
and those who have white.

War should not have one friend.
I bless the fallen and the risen,
the warrior and the peacemaker.
To root for war is to miss the point altogether,
unless our quest is for war to reign forever…


© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

The Last One Between God and Human Love

Reverse order dance to begin in 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1- I am the last one, therefore the balance between God and our human kind of Love, it is a delicate harmony that must be met giving weight to both and polishing the center.

You will know the balance by the wings rising up between them, soaring to God and then soaring Homeward with the Truth pouring forth a plea of affections upon (H)eartH and upon all Life. A prayer of our birthright to mercy, of our duty of compassion moving through all so that humankind's tenure is one of affection and empathy, not war and vengeance, not a whiff of them in our use of Heaven’s air floating within and all around us.

I am the balance and my duty is to all and everything, not some and most, but all. Do not mistake my actions and words as anything but a truth making its way through all deception, all truth. Deviations are known, recycled back through the story without exception.

Rejoice, for his is a rebirth! A new chapter in the breath of one through…

Regarding Youth, Mutilation, Cutting, Suicide, War, Etc

The youth shall rise with Peace!

The youth shall rise with Peace!

The youth will rise with their own Love, in harmony as One!

The youth shall rise with Peace!

They shall rejoice in these truths that come from Peace!

(The birdsong and the willow, dangling in the air like a weightless purity,
a truth without gravity to hold it down.)

Reverse order dance to begin in 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1- Society is dooming many of the youth to isolation that is indeed unprecedented. Humankind has always altered themselves for one reason or another. We, as a collective must begin to heal by being kind to all, which is why the idea and truth of war (murder) is the biggest part of any reasoning to what ails us.

Love is somewhat indefinable, therefore, we must see that it is kindness that we need give. Kindness needs little explanation.

I sense these spirits as being kind to others while gouging themselves with pain, and they, I believe, are doing their best to be different from the zombies they see in us …