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Toward Me

When I married my belief to my reality I did not do so for my reality to exact some damned vengeance upon me! I didn't do so for it to find cause to ridicule me! I didn't wed it with any idea of having to suffer more! I didn't do it in order to be used like a remote control manipulating me as if I'm some damned device at affection's selfish disposal! I did not do it for any other reason but that it was what was needed in order for me to honor my promise to Home and God! Honor as I saw and see fit, not as another might imagine or demand of me by entering in without my knowledge!

There are many things that have slipped by me in my sleep for the past thirty or so years, but the truth of my place is certainly not one of them! It is not to be used, it is to merge within all a Peace that will not be vanquished until all war and schemes have failed in their quest to send even one more to the gallows of shame or to the brunt of wars hammer or one more to the cruelty of h…


It is a simple idea, "I am", yet contains all within it. Anything after I am sets a limit to who we can be and even to what we might become.

I say I am Peace, yes, but only because Peace is infinite, beginning and never-end, and it has the added benefit of including all and everything.

I am.

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime


End all war and the need for the warrior, and happiness will enter in without prompt at having done so much for all.

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

Compromise Preacher

You just have to compromise much of your "holy book" in order to truly practice what this quote preaches, Rick Warren. The lie of Hell would be a great place to begin.

Peace and Love

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

Two-Party... One

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

Detached Nothing

Detachment is that we cannot own anything and that nothing owns us.

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime


1: the "beginning" and the "ending". (First and last, like A and Z, Life and Death.)

The beginning and the ending are unknown to we mortals, so what about the middle, the in-between? Is the animal kind (and humankind) the middle? If we humans, we breathing shells of war and ignorance, are indeed the meat between the "beginning" and "end" without knowing the truth of either, is it not most beneficial to the collective, if not our obligation as the collective, to create a story worth repeating?

If this is the case, and we are the in-between, we’re only limited by our imagination. I suggest we make it memorable.

(It's too late, Scribbler!)

Don't be so hopeless, nothing is too late, especially if "time" is the creation of humankind. If we're indeed the in-between of the unknown "beginning" and unknown "ending", we simply create no absolutes. Instead, we create a story where there is no "ending". …

Inside Book

("The oddthingabout people who have too many books is how theyalwayswant more.")
I believe this is because we're looking for a book that one book that tells us who and what we are. Words are how we humans communicate and books are full of them.

Books are fine and all, but in order for us to find out who we are, we've need to read the story born within us.

Think of it as a book whose cover is flesh and whose plot has already been written; find that "book" and you've found yourself.

Now read it again, and again, until you've memorized it, it’ll be the greatest book you’ll ever read.

Mark Richard Prime

Peace, with 's agreement...

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

Personal River

Arkansas Public Policy Panel (Buffalo River, Arkansas)
It's personal, this river, this life source, it is personal to all! I, however, can only speak for myself! Not another's words about Me and what I say or think, but MY TRUTH regarding the flowing river and its trough of elixir! I am not angry, I am sorrowful, yet I most certainly take responsibility!

New breath, old patience, youth’s goodness and human love, the communal tides of flesh and bone reaching out to another like the freshness of life’s green cover.

These speak to me if I but listen. This may ooze from me like sap or surge from me like storms, yet, another way, the one that waits on me to live, is to allow them to move through me at a pace, like the tempo found nestled in a symphony of nature, of animal, of myself, the one that moves within me, within the shadowy wits of my human kind.
The things that are given freely, the earth, life, love, I've smothered with my covetous prayers, wasted with a tenure that c…

Within Water

The same water is indeed within our touch,
ripples move in this way,
they stay beneath the hopeful fingers,
the gliding hand.

The ripples are moving each moment.
Feel them, sense them, the echo.

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime


Carry Me

My dreams sometimes carry me to suspicion.
Dear God, let me be who I am when I awake,
Peace, a part of the collective's truth,
Angel’s to reckon with your Home.

Dear (H)eartH, your saviors are soon to arrive,
we've much to do, much to salvage of our sleep,
Kindness, branches for your exactness,
stewards to this awakened dream.

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

Dream of

The dream of Hell I readily discounted, for if this belief is that of only Love and Peace, agony hasn't room to lay its head. Suffering isn't anything but natural change, adaptation, evolutionary lines moving our bodies, our skin down, in the never-end of returning to her bosom.

What lies ahead?

I do not know, save for the victory of Kindness, Peace and Love...

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

Ignorant Question

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

Rock Stick

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

Beat It

Laughter is indeed better medicine than mockery, I'll grant you that.

(Why did you do that, Scribbler?)

So I could join the band instead of beat it...

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

Proving Circle

Remember, when we are proving some point we are doing so on a circle, so we should be careful, because what we mock will always, without question, come around again to face us, or, it'll come from behind and catch us unaware.

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

Anger Found

“The more anger towards the past you carry in your heart, the less capable you are of loving in the present.” __Barbara De Angelis

This is the kind of thought that moves me to speak and to write of Love and Peace. It encapsulates the truth found in our attachment to memories instead of to our love in the now. It highlights the confusion in our defining that which has no definition and it reveals that when we hold on to the memories of past heartaches and allow them to be our guide in our present relationship, trust is injured.

Be in the now, it beats continuing to be angry...

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

Stray Cat

And by the same token, Paul Ryan, we will get rid of you much the same way.

Careful that your own degradation of others doesn't come back and bite you, pun intended.

You feed off the lust for power, and the surest way to rid ourselves of such is to block the source, in this case, and most all cases, the source is money.

I wish you no ill will, sir, I just wish you'd end your charade of being a representative of the people.

Mark Prime

Peace and Love

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

Value of

Ancient history (history) only has value to us if the narratives change for the betterment of all, so mockery isn't the way forward, it's the way backward.

Peace and Kindness, Love and Forgiveness

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime


Mocking those who make a mockery of anything with which we disagree is essentially aligning with "them" by implementing the same tactic and does not prove any difference between them and we.

Love and Peace

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

Tool for Change

Satire is a genre of literature and often a graphic and performing art. It is a medium that is for an audience, often directed at power and even the audience themselves, but mockery is not a genre, it is a tactic, that, in my opinion, ridicules both sides and begets itself until it devolves into a useless tool for change.

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

Observable Belief

Using facts is not mockery. If another feels mocked or ashamed it is within them, but in a virulent setting, such as politics, mockery is simply a tool of weakness when the facts bear themselves out.

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

Disagreeing to Agree

In many cases we would be better off disagreeing to agree, it's nearest to using mockery to persuade cruelty to end its march...

Peace and Love

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

Choose to...

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

Misfortunate Child

"Girl asked to leave restaurant because scars were scaring customers, grandmother says"
O! Child, you are most loved my dear!

The idea that others could not stand to view your misfortune in no way is about you dear one, it is about the human capacity to masquerade cruelty as empathy.

Bless you, angel... The restaurant and its patrons that were a part of this need to search the mirror of their hearts to see the reflection of what ugliness looks like...

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

Mistaken Power

George Bush believes he is on a mission from God, according to the politician Nabil Shaath. Photograph: Charles Dharapak/AP
George, you were mistaken by your "power" to wage War at the behest of God to begin with, and then you were mocked by your being "powerless" to end what you say God asked you to begin. It's a circle, not a straight line.

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime


Mocking another's cruelty does nothing to persuade them from it, wounded ego or not. If all you're doing is mocking them, you're bringing a form of cruelty to the table which only increases the portion of the thing you say you are battling against...

Peace and Love

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime


When we mock another, even with "good intentions", we have to realize that such a tactic gets lost on the much crowded pathway built of cruelty's design.

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

Gift Problem

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime


© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

The Only Thunder

You're not the only thunder with something at stake!
We've our human thunder to make and then Love's say,
then Peace comes to clapping a Kind tambourine!

(Your thunder’s most profound this day.)

My echo’s the thing the wind strafes,
awoken from a deep sleep,
brought with a purposed glance,
a fox-trot, a samba, a focused tap,
thunder beneath and above,
a reckoning with Peace for Love,
a kindness rolling across the sky,
quavering my feet to howl,
to groove their step,
to move me forward
not back, but toward thunder's path,
the echo within has come at last.

May all the father's remember the children today,
may all the father's seek themselves in them,
recognize the offspring to God's wonder,
love and kindness abound, peace and marvel,
small limbs dancing to Life's tall thunder…

Peace & Love, Kindness for all

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

Holding Cell

The rain pats down the concrete floor,
thunder claps the cell door,
wind steps past as guard,
and willow as mother weeps.

Rain that fills the ocean,
the rivers, streams and seas,
won't you now pardon us,
we want to go back Home?

"NO!", claps a gavel's rumble!


Harder now it drops,
humanity gives a sigh,
"I thought we were out of here?"


"But we weep? We beg of you!"


BOOM BOOM, goes the cover of sun!


All aches end at the clanging door,
sleepless birdsong's soon erupt.
Rain, thunder, wind, willow, dreams,
Peace and Love...

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

New Dawn

A new dawn is cascading across our instincts, within its echo is a most recent painting of Love.

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

Arrogant Reflection

Arrogance only proves that your reflection means more to you than your audience.

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime


Do not overly tend to your garden, it will grow to resent you.

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

Kindness Thinks

Kindness is when what one does and says coincides with how one thinks.

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

Kindness Trump

Kindness and Peace trump all else brought forth of our tenure.

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

Traveling Peace and Love

I thought I was a traveling salesman in my past life, trying to sell the world a rainbow made from fear, a cautionary tale that melted to Love and Peace’s touch, and as one they glided with ease into one another and another and another. Let them in, love them and be with peace…

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

Matter of History

History doesn't matter if the lessons from it don't become the new narrative.

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

Human Capacity

Human capacity to know "Love", to feel "Love", to see "Love" is how "Love" gets defined down until it's useless as a descriptor of feelings, therefore, "Kindness" is what needs to be used in its stead, it needs no definition, it is an action and it is undeniable when one sees it.

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

Advantageous Truth

Yet you should be able to repeat it.
© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

Left Behind

I am with you, Jim Wright! There is no excuse for leaving a fellow American behind, despite any political football being waged.

Yet... there is also no worthy excuse for him having been in Afghanistan in the first place. When we begin to recognize the actual truth of War, we might well see that we in the USA are no more valuable than those we go to war against, despite what they or we might or might not have done.

We have no right to bomb or shoot another for any reason whatsoever. We may imagine that we are defending ourselves from an "evil", those "others", who, by the way, believe that they too are defending themselves from an "evil", but in truth, we are merely buying into a lie we tell ourselves in order to sleep better and to support a machine that has no interest in our well being as a collective peoples.

When we go to war, the circle is no longer utilized for harmony. When we humans insist upon marching back and forth on only one segment of the …

Full Responsibility

I've been asked to take responsibility for all of my actions and my words, as it should be, so here it goes and I sure hope it satisfies those that might imagine otherwise...

I, Mark Richard Prime, do hereby take FULL and SOLE responsibility for ANY and ALL actions taken and WORDS spoken and written, any and ALL, without question. Each act, each word, each thought, each speech, each step, each, mine and mine ALONE.

I am responsible for anything and everything that comes from Me, Mark Richard Prime, Mark Prime, The Scribe, Peace, Love, Me.

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

Rock, Human

Sounds like a rock and human problem to me. If Cain had had a gun he'd have shot his brother and then what, go on a murder spree because he felt the destructive power of using a more efficient weapon? Then... he would go on to invent the machine gun, then the cannon, then the grenade, then the bomb, then the even bigger bomb, then the nuclear bomb! But, alas, he only had a rock, maybe he could have found a stick if he had looked harder, but then Abel would have asked him what he was doing and Cain would have told him and the metaphor would have been lost in the annals of a story that never happened because one brother told the other the truth of his intentions, or maybe he'd have invented the game of baseball? Who knows what happened or if it indeed did happen, or if it was all just a damned metaphor that got lost among the thousands of others...?

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime


© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

Harvesting the Moon

The deep strawberry moon will slip the horizon,
rising with the pace of our garden,
moving across the span, casement to casement,
a clear sky, full glow, crown and root.

The night-song will tap a thrumming beat
as it seeks our pace without deliberation,
without plan, no calendar for its prayer,
pink to red, a strawberry's breathing color.

In this moon's rise will be the hue of Truth,
a Peace conceived of Love. Dogs howl approval,
hearts wailing the veins of their surface,
I'll plead with the night to summon my speech.

Speak, scribe! Tell them of your journey,
tell them the story of themselves, you've sensed it,
they'll listen when you tell them of its breathing,
the reddening veins of God’s offspring... yearning.

Peace and Love

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

Greatest Ministry

The greatest ministry of pain and/or suffering will be God's and the (H)eartH's to wage upon those that destroy and deceive for a virulent greed and a lust for power.

The greatest human ministries must come from a sufferless Love and Peace, from our kinship to Heavenly Home, and to one another as equals.

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime