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Louie, Louie

Louie Gohmert Tells Americans Without Jesus, They’re All Going to Hell

Louie, Hell is not of God. It is repugnant to Love, Forgiveness, Peace and Laughter, to Life. Is it not? Isn't it the absence of God? 


Then hell does not exist at all.

(How do you-)

If God is absent of Hell then it must be the fearful creation of man.

(No! God gave us a choice! Freewill, buddy! You can choose to believe or not!)

Then I choose to not believe in hell, my friend. My question is, why do you believe in it if God is not a part of it in the least?

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Executive Voting

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(O! To be in a room with these four, what a chance!)

I'd speak to them all of war's useless scratch, 
speak to them of drones and Iraq,
of mothers, fathers, children spent of life
for the cost of a damn barrel of oil.

If I had the chance, I wouldn't chit chat,
I'd summon Peace to enter in and dance.
I'd not waste a second on trivial matters,
this would be the time for truth's glance.

I would not be disrespectful in the least,
I'd expect that of them, they'd asked Me to leave,
to which I'd say, the world's been waiting on Peace,
not more bloody wars and militant police...

Of course I would, but that's just Me,
the last one to speak and the least of We.

Love and Peace

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

Hemp 2

Hemp, cannabis...

"Write your reps and demand it be legalized, decriminalized and unregulated..."

If they send you a negative response, try it again, only more demanding as a part of we the people, if that fails, let us begin our long awaited journey to true freedom without their consent, which we surely, by their denying our needs, will not and do not require. Revolution at its core.

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Hemp Legal-Ease

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Executive Voting

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Memory Stay

Why does heartache have to be the thing that never goes away? Can't memories of a father's love and kindness and guidance be the thing that stays?


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Poor Man

So damned sad, this poor man. It is time to rise up as a collective and end this violence across the board! I weep and I'm sick to my stomach from our foul indifference...

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Faith Science

I understand your take, Tim, but "faith" is not the denial of "observation" anymore than "observation" is the denial of "faith". 

Having faith in our observations is not merely "scientific", it makes sense to our animal and our "advanced thinking".

You've faith in science, faith in what you observe, yes? So do I.

Science does not adjust its views, we do, as the observers and the creators of scientific methods. We are observers, believers in what we see, otherwise science would make little sense and certainly serve little purpose.

We are born believers, my friend. Thoughts are literally believing in something are they not? Science is the formulation of said thoughts (belief) in what is observed and what is felt to be true within them.

Spirituality is the dance we cannot forgo, no matter how hard we try to avoid it, same goes for the observations of our basic existence.

"Believing" in "science" is our rational…

Peace Pull

Amen! But don't pull them, allow them to witness the Peace within you and freely they shall enter with gladness.

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The First Stone

Oklahoma Tea Party Candidate Supports Stoning Gay People to Death

Dear Scott Esk,

---- Leviticus 19:19
Keep my decrees. Do not mate different kinds of animals. Do not plant your field with two kinds of seed. Do not wear clothing woven of two kinds of material. ----

Tell me, sir, where shall we all now hide from your God's wrath?

Are you willing, Scott Esk, to be stoned to death as called for in your own doctrine?

For instance:
Blasphemy, cursing your parents? -Stoned to death.
Touching Mount Sinai? -Stoned to death.
Cursing in general? -Stoned to death.
How about an ox that gores a human? -Stoned to death.
Adultery (even rape victims failing to scream loudly)? -Stoned to death.
A woman who is not a virgin on her wedding night? -Stoned to death.
The man who lies with a woman who is not a virgin? -Stoned to death.
Worshiping other gods? -Stoned to death.
Witches and wizards? -Stoned to death.
Giving your children to Molech? -Stoned to death.
Breaking the Sabbath? -Stoned to death…

Symbol of Suffering

The symbol of suffering stands resolute… makes sense. I also see two trees still standing (the cross was carved from wood) and a wooden telephone pole off in the distance. Where's the church (the building)? 


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All Guilty

We're all guilty of our taxes going to pay for the bombs, tanks, planes, etc, etc. All guilty of allowing this idea of war and the warrior to flourish. We the people are complicit. It is not that we don't know this, but that we have convinced ourselves that somehow we are not colluding with war when we continue to pay for, buy, the products of those that support the machine (or are the machine) and say nothing. Either we're too damned lazy, spoiled, indifferent, or sightless, but there I go repeating myself.

Peace, Mark, Scribe, Fool, 
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Thunderous Rainbows

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To Give Up On

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Be Not Afraid of...

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Silent and...

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Circle of Peace and Love

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Less is More, More or Less

8. Kindness and Peace trump all else brought forth of our tenure. Kindness and Peace.

7. Peace is calling out to you and will do everything in his power to end this failure with the resurrection of the (H)eartH that you should never have mocked or forgotten.

6. Rise up! Forbid the one that’s asked of you that is not of Love and Peace. Turn it away with haste, it is not your friend, it hasn't your best interests at heart.

5. What of the moments in doubt, surely not enough are clouded by the profit of one tree in all of the forest?

4. I fold my hands outward toward you asking that you receive my loving peace in full, not with a sideways glance, but a dance... that lifts us both.

3. Balance is key. Belief leads us to act, so, a loving belief, it would stand to reason, should be we human’s objective when it comes to our words. Our words, doctrine and otherwise, should be crafted into a most loving outcome. Let soar your beliefs but always keep an eye on the ground…

2. Cherish the (H)…

Extreme Head-Lines

Right-wing extremists strike again
Do not be deceived by this murder
Do not be deceived by this cruelty
Do not be deceived by their terror
Do not be deceived

The revolution will be collective
The revolution will be peaceful
The revolution will be loving
The revolution will be

The revolution will be heard
The revolution will be seen
The revolution will be felt
The revolution will be

The revolution will be beautiful
The revolution will be joyous
The revolution will be kind
The revolution will be

The revolution will be
Peace and Love

Student and teen gunman dead in Oregon school shooting
The scowl had their attention through the barrel's aim,
a solemnity, dark eyes, without panic.
Death landed with a voice,
a message entered the flesh, God awoke.
Death. God awoke.
Death. God awoke.

Now is not the time to mourn as if there is no answer.
God awoke.

Iraq militants seize Mosul, causing thousands to flee
What have we loosed?

Trembling red palms are our only cover.
These, our bodies,…

Letter in Reply

Reply from Senator Boozman of Arkansas regarding medical marijuana

Thank you for contacting me to express your support for medical marijuana. It is good to hear from you.

Many people believe that the widespread use of marijuana to relieve suffering would be medically advisable. While I understand your support for legalization of medical marijuana, I respectfully disagree. As a member of the medical community, I am aware that many leading healthcare organizations, such as the American Medical Association (AMA) and the American Cancer Society (ACS), have serious concerns about the medicinal use of marijuana. Many health experts argue that people who smoke marijuana are exposing themselves to a rather crude and potentially harmful drug delivery system. The smoke from a burning marijuana cigarette contains a variety of toxic chemicals that could be harmful, especially to users whose medical condition might be compromised further by choosing to smoke the drug for se…

After Words

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