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Sorrow Tree


A boy went to war
the battle devoured him,
all that's left is the boy's bike
grown in sadness to a tree.

(Why sadness?)

The boy went to war.


© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

The Sky in Memory

"It is the belief in a power larger than myself and other than myself which allows me to venture into the unknown and even the unknowable." __Maya Angelou

O dearest poet,
May you light up the sky in memory
of your songbird words, odes for our glee
as wings composing a symphony for living.

A bird's flown its cage into the breathing air,
a tribute left to the light dawning there,
a soul caressing hearts without fetters,
your grand radiance now set free.

You leave us notes in the mind's echo
of a gorgeous throat heard in the mist,
a loving truth on unfettered wings of air.

Fly higher now dear Maya with your graceful tune
pursed upon your words let loose their margins
and refrains, whistling freedom on creation’s train.

Thank you for your delightful songs
and loving kindness whispered in the winds,
your thoughts now carried by them
bringing us to recognize our own.

Goodbye and then hello again and again
to your echo unfolding into freedom
and hope soaring around the sun

Silent Jesus

JESUS: I see. Well then, I'll come back when you remove your toxins from the (H)eartH as it is Heaven. I thought I made myself clear the last twenty or thirty times I said that?

BOY: But I'm still hungry.


© 2014 Mark Richard Prime


Or we could just learn from the children, they question everything already, it is we that stopped that particular part of our nature.

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime


It's been sown, not much the puppet masters can do about it now, except perhaps ask Creation if they can be released of their coming dance, it'll feel like an eternity if they don't. Eternity has had enough of prideful murder.

© 2014  Mark Richard Prime

Many Ways

There are many ways to litter. The (H)eartH is not a waste basket, the mind is not a dumping ground and the spirit is not a trash can. Do not litter, it is the path to sorrow.

© 2014  Mark Richard Prime

LovePeace Circle

Love is Peace and Peace is Love, a circle,
now begin to meet in the center and celebrate a world without war or hunger...

© 2014  Mark Richard Prime

Fallen Actor

It is the fault of the war machine and its media for failing to mention the many it kills on both sides. See, the truth will end war and the machine will fall down and Peace will rise in its place.

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime

Nasa Things

All are worth what?

Satellite T.V. ? To broadcast what exactly, ads that bring virulent consumption to roaring?

Clear braces? Smiles needn't straightening, they need love and peace behind them, then we can straighten them as needed.

Water filters? Cleaning up our own mess takes more than filtering, it takes not needing to remove our waste, it takes our removing the source of the waste.

U.V. Sunglasses? Cool. Shades for a sightless collective.

Hang gliders? Okay, cool, until you fly over a war zone or a trash dump or a prison, or an ocean of man-made debris...

Electric car batteries? Okay, but to what end? The road?

Memory foam? Good, we could use some "reflection" on our use of Home, and, like the foam, we need strive to return it to its original state.

Athletic shoes? O! Great and speedy humans, you don't need to be athletic if you're outpaced by your genius. Shoes wear out, feet need feel the truth beneath them in the rat race.

Modern tires? Where did we think we wer…


They deserve Peace like all others.
Bless those who go to War
and bless humanity
which is affected by War's monstrous sway.

© 2014  Mark Richard Prime

Collective Wound

Exactly why War needs to be left to collapse in on itself giving rise to Peace, otherwise the collective is wounded without a gravestone to mark their own annihilation.

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime


A wrist-band is rather superfluous if by supporting the "heroes" we end any and all Wars. Now that would be heroic and it wouldn't offend anyone.

© 2014 Mark Richard Prime