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Seeking God

When seeking your belief, did you by any chance think of God before ever reading the story in your holy book? Did you not seek him at your first breath? Did God not have you from your beginning just as God will have you in the never-end of Heaven? We all find God at our births, for there is no God without conception. See? (I shudder to imagine my fate after this news...) Did you by any chance imagine for a second, since you "found" God, that maybe it is not a story, but a way of being? Humble, needful, kind, loving, giving, helpful and peaceful? A child of Creation? Of the very God you profess to me that finds Hell a thing worth manifesting from our most fervent beliefs in it? I mean, what is the alternative for a creator if Heaven and Hell are the only options for Creation's offspring? Hell? Not on your pious life, not on your judgmental life, not on your short-sighted faith, not on your life, my friends, my brothers and sisters, will I ever demand another follow Go

Forged in the Fire

If we are "forged in the fires of suffering and fear", yet awaken to bliss, without trepidation, it stands to reason that it will be a most welcome turn over the suffering and the once hidden truth. I say then that suffering is relative to the person and to the situation. To have not suffered the same as another and then declare that no suffering is too great is like saying the USA is the greatest "country" on eartH never having traveled outside of its borders. © 2014 the spirit of Love and Peace dancing through Mark Richard Prime

Haven't You...

No. No. No. Thank you, Universe, but I see it a wee bit differently than that. The suffering is too great, the warring, too monstrous, the truth too hidden from our ignorance, from our want over need, from the weight that bends our backs down toward indifference. Too much! I believe all things are possible within "The Universe", I'd be a fool to imagine it otherwise, but answering simply with a "yes" to your questions seems too indifferent to the truth. Not the future, but the truth of now. © 2014 the spirit of Love and Peace dancing through Mark Richard Prime

Mach 7

---U.S. Navy to test futuristic, super-fast gun at sea in 2016--- Mach7! You damned fools! You don't achieve Peace by thinking of better ways to destroy, you find Peace by thinking peacefully, not fearfully! You think with your most loving intentions for all, not for flag or country or self, but the deed of thought, the deed of the loving spirit for all, not some. The speed of sound I do hope travels faster than noise. Faster than light from a damned fool hell-bent on destruction. Faster than a speeding bullet, there before it blows its target to smithereens, sending it down to war's coming silence, spreading its fetid talons skyward like an oil baron. Peace and Love © 2014 the spirit of Love and Peace dancing through Mark Richard Prime