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I am Peace

Remember, the dance comes in backwards, suffering, then salvation... ~ How shall we honor the dead next year? It's time we started honoring people while they're breathing... ~ Arming teachers... Might as well arm everyone to the teeth! As long as violence continues to be how we handle our human disputes over things that we never had the right to, guns will remain a secondary issue... ~ Keep knocking until you get an answer. If an answer doesn't come you can always say you knocked faithfully with a true sense of purpose, that you didn't give up on Creation's plea... ~ Amen to the unfolding of Life... Peace and Love ~ The ego is not our enemy, the indifference to its delight is... ~ When We decide that it is not a "lone shooter", but a societal failure of Peace and Love... ~ Just be sure and not be content until all are fed, clothed, sheltered, and the (H)eartH is cleansed of humankind's consumptive heel-over-head "h

Off of His Cross

"Informing, Inspiring, and Equipping the Christian community for a faithful and effective response to the problem of Extreme Poverty..." Why not simply equip all of humanity to deal with their shortcomings and use the one word that is humankind's sovereign duty and Love everyone and all and speak to them with Peace and welcome them into your example of only a Peaceful Love. Your Christ could use some time off of his cross, he will be there when you arrive cleansed of all that is fearful... Peace © 2013 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark Richard Prime