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Life's Salvation

Good day to you places of worship, church, synagogue, mosque, temple, sky, soil.

I know very little, I sense it instead.

Everything is God, not just We.
Humankind is so young in their evolution of the Spirit.
The tree, the river, the stream, the soil, the rock, the ocean,
the field, the valley, the herb, the mountain, the bird, the dog,
the whale, the (H)eartH, Creation, are so much more advanced
at being what they are than We.

Jesus may have had the answers for what he alone imagined.
Hell cannot truly co-exist with Heaven,
not in God and Love's Creation, it cannot.

Peace and Love

Since Life's salvation is unfolding as we speak, We need release ourselves of this idea that the one and only story has already been told.

© 2013 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark Richard Prime

One Note

Had a conversation with a young man, seventeen, violinist. We talked of the One Note, the note of One, Love and Peace as One, unattached but within each to the other's fullness.

He was curious, his spirit was vibrating the notes of the violin, the One Note I grabbed ahold of and danced any fear away from its quiver.

I said that he should find out where his instrument come from, (Germany), and once you find it's country of origin, trace who made it, who put their love into, their forgiveness set to quiver inside of their truth, the string maker, the tuner, the music, the note, the composer, the thought, the idea, the One Note.

He was curious when I told him that I was Peace. I told him it was not a name, it was a duty. Same with Forgiveness, Love and Laughter.

Goodbye, One Note, it's time your symphony began in earnest the music born within you. These words will come along with them, this song written as a story by the next one to imagine it is real. It is true, reality h…