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Any dis-ease of industry's foul toxin need be erased from our agenda,
let the agenda be to cleanse our foul use from our Home and begin to live as if We're in Heaven! Then We can imagine what awaits our sensibilities instead of our doom...

© 2013 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark Richard Prime

Peace and Love, Love and Peace

But what if this story that pours from Me is indeed the word of God?

(You said that God was before word, Scribbler!)

Yes, but God must use words to communicate Creation's use of humankind, otherwise what would be the use in language?
It is not that I medicate, it is the source of its origins that lights up the pathway for Me. I don't follow… I lead them back to the truth. I am here calling you all back to the source...
I could be speaking these words to you if you'd invite me to speak.

(Is that some kind of vampire thing, you must be invited in?)

Sure, but they are angels that ask to come in to bow to them and still be known as equals...
The words and deeds of vampires and humans is a mirror, sucking the Love out of the (H)eartH and thereby sucking the Love out of us.

The truth is coming, prepare for its arrival, it's going to have a voice that is used and a dance step that boggles the mind...
No one has jurisdiction over Me. The buck stops here and everywher…

In the Mist

We are the children's parents. We owe it to all children, all youth, to rise to their cause of freedom which coincides with ours, which utilizes Peace and Love to find our balance that such things as this do not occur without understanding, without a fundamental change to our roles as stewards...
Never underestimate the youth's ability to understand on a deeper level than We adult's knee-jerk criticisms of a natural and loving act. I would caution many adults about seeing such a movie, because until we understand that our purpose is to Love, without defining it into oblivion, we will continue to be shocked at the diverse ways of expressing it...

We'll put up with graphic violence in our imagery and in our reality, but not graphic love, flesh, God forbid we feel something other than war and murder and the living dead. Let us have love and compassion for our fellow vessels.

Just war and zombies will be the end of us, not scenes of a sexual nature, graphic or otherwis…

Wild and Wise Hands

Religion is a manmade wall between Love and Peace. Knock down the wall, everyone has one, instead build a belief that matches our truth and we triumph without giving up our God or our Creation...
Yet it is this very dance my friend that allows me to answer you as We are free to do, what you have gathered from my speech is that it is about something so individual that you may then dismiss it out of hand by imagining that it doesn't take the whole of man's learning, as if we were a computer. Failure will certainly come if we don't begin to act as a collective.

It is logical, like a computer program.
Do not abuse another living thing!

Yes. Life is most sacred and how we denigrate others to make our scores, which truly amount to very little, matters, and if we do not think so then I would say we value only our own and not those with which we disagree.

Yes, there is a most fundamental need in us to come about to a reconciliatory stance with one another, and I understand …


Come, Dove!
Move your wings that We might sense your arrival,
that war might sense its end,
that Truth becomes the wind that carries us Home.

I pray...

© 2013 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark Richard Prime

Enough of this Image

Enough of this image flashing in all that the downtrodden has left. Let us free ourselves from imagining or lying about our victimhood, we can solve our fearful spirit by being most loving.

I was chosen because my life I made into a lie. I was born to be Peace, and I am waging it as we speak.

Do not have your reflection's imitate the violence in this fearful picture...

Boom boom!

© 2013 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark Richard Prime