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Foolish Thing

What a foolish thing to say. Oh. It wasn't Obenshain being a fool, was it? They are calculated and abhorrent. When any man has a child, a Life, die within them, then they can speak of it, as only then they'll know the scrape of its truth, they'll suffer the death, Obenshain suffers nothing, unless he chooses to continue this line of idiotic thinking. Arrogance, especially that which is arrogant, has no place in governance... It belongs to those who are fearfully corrupted. © 2013 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark Richard Prime

I and Me

I, Mark Richard Prime, plead with you to be kind. I pray Love for the world, not a flag, not a country, not a religion, but for the (H)eartH. There is no doubt that I am to become one with love. I must strive to end all wars and begin to walk in goodness, for the sake of all that is love. Yes. Begin your walk with LOVE in your heart. Pray for LOVE to begin its walk within you, not with hope for your role in this, but for the sake of LOVE! I must begin, for I know who I am and I ask love to walk with me... If you belong to a church, ask the flock to begin their journey that is required of them. Ask them to march for peace, for justice, for truth, for those hungry, for the children, for love. Feed, clothe and shelter the less fortunate... I am. Peace, love and goodness be with you, yours and the world... © 2013 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark Richard Prime