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REasonable Truths

There will soon be no traffic. Imagine what a signal of a new age, one of reasonable truths flowing through all of our veins simultaneously, we just might lose our collective mind all together. Let us take a reasoned approach to belief and just be. Be the God you were born to be and rejoice IN OUR MUTUAL DANCE!

(Must it be mutual?)

Yes. Without consent, your number one birthright, a solemn vow we did make with Creation, to care for the (H)eartH as if it were our only future Home, will be lost!

(Be who you were born to be blah blah blah blah! You weren't just born to scribe your own damn story, you couldn't if you tried, let alone save everyone and all!)

Really? Then why do you feel the need to say it, if it's, according to you, set in stone, so to speak? The dance my friend, is my pleasure, the truth as tap shoes, fingers and keyboard as substitute


Boom boom, bang bing bong
The wind summons my courage to truly be who i was born to be. The traffic muted- Sure woul…

Believe to Explore, your thoughts are the cavern within which you imagine to be Love and God, perhaps you are mistaken

Damn well believe beyond your sleeve! Explore the uncharted world, for the (H)eartH is ready to sing! Give her (and him) their air back! Give her and him their water back! Give her and him their forest back, it is Heaven indeed and most ready for our truth, not our corrupted story, our collapsing minds, an accordion of favor which became corrupted, the story of ourselves...

© 2013 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark Richard Prime