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I am not the enemy, my friends. The enemy is Fear, I am the scribe of Peace and Laughter, Love and Forgiveness then must be Me too, We. See? How much grander could our piano get, tink tink, bing bong bing, the traffic needs a lesson in quiet time? Our busy romp has us blind to what is possible within our creating...


Putting an end to war before it puts an end to humankind is a simple process, once you demand that Peace be among all peoples.


End all war!

(You end all war, scribe!)



Congress, President, Senate and House, State, Country, World
the human race, do something! Help! Don't line your pockets with more uselessness than need, spread your wealth out and be what you are born to be, living, breathing saviors to everything and all...

Did you sense that last one? It was rather palpable regarding duty.

(How on (H)eartH can that be?)

We are saviors to Home, to the (H)eartH in order to sense the Heart(H) and everyone within it.


© 2013 the spirit of Love danc…


The Neighborhood Peace Garden is blooming,
about to burst with color and flavor,
remember the seed beneath,
rising up to greet us with their truth...

The play is well within its opening act, it's a long sucker! How long we been here now? Years?

(No. Lifetimes.)

Like I said years.


Smile my fine-feathered spirit! We are brothers and sisters, idiots or otherwise...

© 2013 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark Richard Prime