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I Dreamed I was a Gardener

Please ask me what I believe I know, for, what I truly know, ain't worth diddly squat! What I know without knowing, that's a whole different flight plan... For the Love of God I was lost but now am found, The God of Love? Not so much. The guardian of peace and Laughter's more my style. It can't be helped, Love and Forgiveness are by my side as equals, through and through, they're the captains of my salvation, the truth in my reality, which is within Me, which is We in my belief... Do not fear anything with an irrational bent. It's truly a complete waste of our "time". Better to know and remember, never one without the other. ~ "*Sabotage- a deliberate action aimed at weakening another entity through subversion, obstruction, disruption, or destruction. Saboteur- one who engages in sabotage. As a rule, saboteurs try to conceal their identities because of the consequences of their actions. For example, *whereas an environmental pressur

Erasing the Other Half

This feels like I am erasing the other half of Me, the part that I had created by my choices, by my indifference to Love which brought about Fear and the stage was set for my ascent. Baby steps, Mountain, Tree, Soil and weed and sun and sky and butterfly and bird... O! The birdsong is trying to have me forget about the traffic for a while and soar with their loving cadence! They sing their song for me and for thee. I smile upon the notion that we are all waking up at once through these words of ours, in unison at times, it's that balance that I must find in order to sing and plant in earnest. © 2013 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark Richard Prime

Hear the Thunder?

What's wrong with us thinking beasts? (Thinking instead of doing?) Thinking? Really? To what end? The undoing? ~ All questions, no answers.? What on (H)eartH am I doing asking these questions instead of finding their answers and freely giving them to you? Here is a gift, a bit of wisdom, not from me, from that which is within me- the fullness of Love and Forgiveness, Peace and Laughter, and then some... Truth is singular. Truth is One. Truth is. Truth. (He told the man that he himself is disabled?) (That's the same thing I heard.) (Me too. Don't believe it, but I heard it.) Boom boom... (Did you hear the thunder?) (He told the man he is disabled?) (That's the same thing I heard.) (Me too. Don't believe a word of it, but I heard it.) That's upside down, spirit. Best you flip it to it's loving side and give it a whirl! Sky is not the limit, eternity and Love are the limitless, beyond our tiny thinking possibilities, thought I'

If Peace Comes

If Peace comes upon you by the medicines found on eartH, I'd say you're on to something that can never be qualified as illegal, Strongest fiber known to humankind, strongest spiritual Peace rendering substance known to Me. Believe it and it is and it does and it isn't for all, but there are so many other earth-based medicines that are of use to you if you choose. The (H)eartH is a sovereign lifeform, the (H)eartH is its own self, the (H)eartH is the birth of our Creation, Our fledgling art. Paint the (H)eartH as if it is Heaven and the (H)eartH might just surprise you... © 2013 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark Richard Prime

Mother and Father Nature are One

Mother and Father Nature are One. A circle that cannot be broken. Love, Forgiveness, Laughter, my Truth, all, Peace and joy in the only paradise in the sky known to man! Oh my! This is Heaven to us, Heaven to God, Love, Forgiveness, Peace and Laughter, all of Creation, known and unknown... Is the challenge sufficient, dear readers? Have I now fallen into what I call action without speaking much at all? The spirit dance as I imbibe in a belief that saves everything and all, the whole kit and kaboodle, the care package of all time, our salvation. O! Kind spirits! Bring me along with you and We, together, can change hell into Heaven! Speak with me, I will in Kind, God and Love are the two that stay in flight in my poem, my ode to Mother and Father, Daughter and Son, Child and Parent, Guide and Savior. To all.To God and Love, the only two things that must be known in order for there to be Peace and Laughter over War and Disaster on the (H)eartH everafter, or until something dif