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I'm the Gardner

I'm the Gardener, the Love and the Creation in Prayer and with the fullness of Forgiveness!

For the Love of God, if you are out there, remember me, just in case I forget. :)

"...screeching a national lullaby that will never be cleansed of history, but that falls upon ears that have long been numb to Truth." Give way to your trinkets, let them fall with all of the other loveless gestures at our own hands.


No. Hands aloft in celebration of the truth beneath the feet. Everyone, meet mother (H)eartH, Mother (H)eartH, Father God, whatever you might be, I thought I'd mix in some metaphors.

I am asking of them, but are they asking of me? Is it that simple in this atmosphere of our wars that we can't grasp the concept of Love and Forgiveness, Peace and Laughter? What's wrong with us thinking beasts?

© 2013 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark Richard Prime

The Silence

Why do I march headlong into my own destruction? The vibrations that ease their way through me now are those of an ancient rhythm. A rhythm that’s weaved its way into animal and into animal and into animal and into animal- Stop! Into animal, into animal, into animal, into animal- Stop!

Animal, animal, animal, animal, animal, came the somber echo…

(Shhh… You might wake the night. You might sleep past your casualty, beyond your welcome.)

She could do it you know. She could lift this all away, send it away with exactness, eternal life, memory.


© 2013 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark Richard Prime

Letter to the Noise

I hear the noise of traffic every day, it's a war on the environment.

If I heard the noise of war every day, damn, I imagine I'd be mad as hell and shrug off the shackles of physical and spiritual domination. I'd demand to be heard by those who usurp the power of any nation on (H)eartH, demand that I be set free!


To whom it may concern,
I am an individual sovereign entity, I alone possess my spirit, I alone possess my body, I am Me and demand you release me of your foul intentions upon this Heavenly instrument of Home.

Thank you.

Mark Richard Prime

© 2013 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark Richard Prime

Good Morning, Fine-Feathered Spirits

Oh, and a good morning to you my fine-feathered spirits! I am so glad you came to dance this morning. What a beautiful day here in Northwest Arkansas!
Rumble of traffic bends my thoughts downward, not to the soil, but to the fuming darkness. O! Come to your senses! This is not a game of chance, it's a directive, a plea from Love and Creation. Seek and find Peace and Laughter before all of this is mixed into the soil without a loving memory...
The bird's sing their gratitude without consideration.

(Is that even possible?)

Yes. Without thought.

(Define possible?)



© 2013 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark Richard Prime

A Grey Blanket

The clouds are a grey blanket this morning, kind spirits! The rain answers upon Home, the source of all Living things that we know of.

Imagine my surprise? Imagine everyone that knows the old me, then imagine their shock and my awe...

The clouds look like a woven collective, grey skin stretched taut around the stars, complete with the folds of truth, as if they are the covering around the Heart(H) of Creation. A cocoon.

I will remember my purpose!

(A thunderous roll puts Kiwi inside. Then the rain.)

Thundering God, you needn't be angry, we got this.

(It is not anger, scribe.)

Then exclaim your self in the form of truth!

(You are the one that is angry, scribe.)

No. I am sorrowful, it is you that seems full of wrath and vengeance.

(Great sorrow sometimes sounds like that, scribe.)

© 2013 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark Richard Prime