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Fitting the Mold

This is Heavenly Home, Dorothy! You are upon it, why seek a wizard of Oz beyond it?

Because who knows what lies beyond our scope?

All animals think. They are born to do so for whatever reason present or beyond. I thought I'd stick with the truth of Home, with Love and Forgiveness, Peace and Laughter.

O! Kind spirits do not imagine another as less, not even of your Home, temporary in the flesh as it may be...


Home is where the Heart(H) and the (H)eartH are. They exist as one. I am Home now. As I move among you, so few of you in body and mind, but so many of the collective loving spirits, I find my self most prepared for the truth, whatever it might be. O. God help me I'm in Heaven... If not "your" Heaven, then at the least a most Heavenly Home is before me, why else would I have been given a mind if not to think?

Damn.This is very personal. This is the sacrifice for my indifference to Life, for my lackluster loving, my blindness and rage,my selfish gait o…

Reasonable Human

HUMAN: O! This is Heavenly Home! Why must I swamp the landscape with my foul ugliness?

REASON: Surely your causes,your beliefs, can summon a greatness to flow from the spirit?

HUMAN: It has been my reality and I could not know it until the truth was revealed to me of my course. It's no one's fault but my own for having breached the sanctity of Life, Love and then God. I am not a lost child, I am found. Now I pay my penance, lift all to a Heavenly spirit that's been waiting for humankind to finally create a model beneath their feet for their imagined heavens, it would serve the (H)eartH well to be so imagined...

REASON: Fear chose you so long ago now.

HUMAN: I never once felt truly afraid of what had a hold of me. My spirit would sometime's soar, but it soon took the fearful direction on the pathway toward Love and the (H)eartH and child and mother and loyalty and friend and forgiveness and peace. I've climbed my way to the surface of Heaven, boy I sure didn't…

Through-Line of Belief

I do not accept something that I cannot recall when it comes to the through line of my belief.

(And what makes you think you needn't be held accountable for the truth of what you've done?)

I was speaking of belief, not what I have done of my own will. I remember enough to never recall anything beyond being blind to it all from the beginning. Not much of an intro to truth, Creation! What gives? Of course if I had known I would have done things a little bit differently, we all would have, should have kept the HeartH most precious...

© 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark Richard Prime

Finely-Feathered Spirits

Good morning my finely-feathered spirits… How do I begin without the (H)eartH’s remedy to cure what haunts me? The Holy Crown, the Love of My Being’s Bountiful Forgiveness.

Yes. It is that simple. Laugh at my gait if you will, but I am bursting at the seams with sorrow. And then, suddenly, I’m bursting with gladness in my heart, I’m rambling on about the (H)eartH and Love and Peace coupled with Forgiveness, and all the while, Life is happening without me!

(A definition of hell if there ever was one!)

And suddenly the traffic swoops in and I am with you. I do not want to be amongst the noise of humankind’s hell, it is bringing me to rage at the light.

Smoke now enters my lungs, awful, terrible habit! I balance it out with the noise we’ve crafted of our minds and realize that this habit pales in comparison to the truth of this moment in our allotted time to become the fullness of Love. Too bad, silence along with loving sounds would have given us Heaven. We should have gone the other…