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The Moment

This is the day, now is the moment, clarity slips its scarf and it wafts to the sacred ground, a blanket to cushion the blow.

"Battle my brother" takes on a whole new meaning when the traffic roars. I believe both women and men and children, all, are essential to the resurrection of truth. The first belief, as I've want to scribe, had to have been nearest to the truth of where, what and who we are.

I believe women are precious, as are the children. We men are also precious to Love and Creation, but we need to let go of our rage at having never truly recognized that where we are is Heavenly Home.

I believe that it comes down to logic. We just need to logically evolve toward Love in our thinking, it's guaranteed to create something worth repeating of our tenure...

© 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark Richard Prime