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Dance to Dance

Hope I've need to dance a dance of Forgiveness
upon every living thing upon the (H)eartH.
And then, grasp my own fate in all of this,
I considered it less than one might imagine it's worth.

I do imagine it as most Loving, so I'm set to pop!
Bippety boo wha wha, goes the whistle of Peace,
the soul-mate of Love and Forgiveness...

The children smiled upon the once silent man,
who spoke in riddles as long as his grin,
yet now I dance to the rhythm within...

All aboard for the ride of your life!

I do imagine it as most Loving,
so I'm set to pop!
Bippety boo wha wha,
goes the whistle of Peace,
the soul-mate of Love and Forgiveness. See?

© 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark Richard Prime

Remain Loyal

(You are to remain loyal to your vows, Mark Richard Prime! You've nothing more to show for your vows than your unknowable belief?)

This is belief and reality combined, God. To imagine it that way is to immerse yourself into it!

I found Love and God but not necessarily in that order. One. The union of belief and fact, better known by the oft unseen truth.

Don't you see dear spirits, we are left to our own devices when it comes to our beliefs. We may well sleep forever after this, and, if my belief is truth then we have no other option, but to live as if we believed it beyond the shadow of any doubt...

Methodically. Cautiously preserving your Love and Forgiveness as was intended...

Yes. I want to go on "living"! More like I want to Live, Love and Laugh as if I truly were. What lies beyond is anybody's guess, but what lies beneath our feet, there's proof. Miracle's begin when we recognize this fact.

I have died several times over now, yet, as of yet, I'…

Rhythmic Rain

The sound is that of a rhythmic rain, a countenance of Love’s addiction to Life, Love and Laughter, essentially of it’s self…

O! I see their very sins without knowing a thing when I do, but what pours forth from my dreams should tell you that I am dancing with the Love and the Possibility, Love and Creation!

(If you must, God, but you’d be reciting it all upside down, for who would allow their children rein over anything more than what they created? The light is the other way, turn yourself around, dear spirit, you’re taking the wrong way out.)

Who would try to dig their way out of Love unless it had become hell?

Then where is your God? Where is the wrath if not before your eyes?

(Seek the truth beneath your feet and beneath your own born again skin,
feel and know, think and imagine, for they are but the same side of one. Take away the hell and you’re left with Love!)

The slate my friends has not entirely been wiped clean, but I’m chipping away at the truth before I fall out of this…