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On the Other Hand

It doesn't matter as much what you do with your belief within, it matters more what you do with the belief you reflect outward.


Religion has been a series of disasters, all with the intent to Love, but not all, surely the hell you have imagined for them has come at the expense of sound reasons for such a creation. I've heard all of the arguments and I'm not saying they're wrong, I'm just saying they seem to be wrongheaded...

Belief, on the other hand, still has a pulse, so we better get to creating something worth the (H)eartH it's built upon...


Where have we tumbled so dark and murderous? Why have we not found our way? Too hard, too loveless along our way? Let us bring our most smiling goodness upon the (H)eartH. Let us remember our kinship, our evolution of spirit depends upon it...


(You think it's over?)

No. It's just begun, our loving journey within the center of Forgiveness's waltz with Love. Change your tune, remove your mask and come a…

A Spaghetti Western-

A Spaghetti Western-

Two drifters wander into the same bar at the same time with the same question, where am I? To which the barkeep pipes in, Home.

Loving Laughter is a gauge my friends, as it has always been. It is similar to a barometer. Believe in it and instinctively, you might find it to your liking...

© 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark Richard Prime

This belief is a Love story told from the perspective of a blind man.

This belief is a Love story told from the perspective of a blind man.

Had I fallen at my birth and never quite got over the falling part?

Falling until I tumbled so far down the rabbit hole that I nearly drowned in my own indifference?

I had to dance with your spirits in order for there to be Life, Love and Laughter woven snugly inside my belief.

("My belief?")

Yes. Yours too. If you want to "believe" it, then remember it, once you know the truth, the rest sort of falls into place.

It was enough to make one weep without control, this summons we pay for our sins, each and everyone of them, not a list of sins, our transgressions that feigned indifference to Life, Love and Laughter are the tings we'll need dance before it's all said and done.

If I have ruffled your feathers and you feel slighted because of my dance, I humbly and sincerely apologize. Rest assured it was and is not Mark Richard Prime's will as much as it is God and Love, and Forgiveness a…

At Peace or One With

Being at Peace is different than realizing you're one with Peace. Realizing that your shell was responsible as much for what is inside of you as well as what is outside of you, Mark Richard Prime! Don't presume that this fear put forth by your basest animal's fear of where the hell am I?

It's a very good question, don't you think?

I mean it fits the paradigm that I'm reaching for, the question of where I am begs so many more before it. Reach, I told myself. Reach down inside all of your foul memories and remember one where you soared! I remember it still, it's the only crystal clear memory I can summon, the rest are all hazy at best. Unknown is how some felt in my lancing of their spirit, so to speak. The pathway has brought me to this moment now...

© 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark Richard Prime

Flight of this Chance

The flight of this chance to create has landed me front and center without enough ears to hear my plea-


The noise of money poisoning the air.


The sound of worshiping the ground.

(Metal clang!)

The noise of the industry of destruction.

(Red Robin!)

The truth beneath its beak, as far as the bird can see...

© 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark Richard Prime

Along for the Ride

The birds call to me with their song. If I had only been able to interpret it then and not just now, I'd have been much further along in this journey than I am today.

I suppose then that I was meant to experience the truth of the spirits that I've damaged from my misuse of Life, Love and Laughter, I just thought I'd do one better and open myself up to them all. Seems I have been dancing all along and I knew not what I was in for, that changed just over two years ago when my spirit was opened inside of Love's fullness, I was going along for the ride whether I wanted to or not. And here we are.

© 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark Richard Prime

From Our Truth

Fear exists to keep us from our truth.

Eradicate them all, scribe!

(Lovingly change them into all...)

I choose, Love... I chose Love long ago, it just didn't choose me, I fought my way back from what seemed like a nightmare I was stuck in until I went on a medicine journey and found out who I was born to be. Forgiveness, next to Love's Lovely angel Love. How lovely is a three, a trilogy of laughter. Add another loved one within your tribe, it couldn't hurt, it would be filled with Love. Right?

Our language has even been corrupted to glance a message that cannot be translated without our belief...

I don't know anything. I'm just the scribe, remember?

(Yet it is you, according to you, so to speak.)

I am...

I didn't mean-

Love will conquer all Fear and then shepherd it out of Love to nevermore.

A balance must be met, I just added another level, a level of truth, before all of our beliefs come raging Home at the same time.

Where are you?

© 2012 the spirit of Love …