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Glorious Djembe

There's a djembe slapping its leather in a torrential prayer within it

There's a glorious sheen painted all around it and within it.

There's our being programmed to receive. O! If we could but hear it, the cry of the sacred (H)eartH, we might then begin to Live, Laugh and Love as it was meant to be in Heavenly Home...

© 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark Richard Prime

Dear Mr. President Obama

Mr. President, open your eyes fully my friend. Remember you are behind them.

Allow me to breathe clean air, I'm not asking you, I'm telling you.

As a sovereign vessel of Love, I demand you do something in the best interests of the people.

Stop imagining that it doesn't matter to enough of us to lift the curtain on the charade that is big government politics of which you are at the "pinnacle".

You should not be seeking control of things, Mr. Obama, you should be seeking to relinquish control of the people to the people. People are not to be governed by you, you are to be governed by them.

Let us see if that dance will step you nearer to the multitude of voices waiting for the most powerful country (?), most prosperous country, to step up and declare Peace and Home as most sacred!

Peace and Home, my friend, are sacred. Careful how you use them, they may not like what they find in your thinking...

Love, peace, laughter, and goodness to you, yours and the (H)ear…