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The NRA and Our Sovereign Rights

Why should one sign this petition? Do not our largest murders get dropped from the air paid for by our tax dollars? Do we not all murder our children's future when we consume so rabidly? (The drone of traffic must it's dance!) Consumption's code is riddled with viruses. Give up no more of human rights, begin to Love within the boundaries of our kinship. Use the guns to feed the children something that's not stuffed away, something disconnected in our rush, but something that is from the (H)eartH... Shall we take back our sovereignty? © 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark Richard Prime Petition to curb even more of our rights to protect ourselves, a double edged sword, so to speak. We give up our guns in order to be safe is a slippery slope away from correcting our mistakes. Walking in Love, priceless, because it's our first directive. Love translates in all languages on (H)eartH... Think.

Forces of Fear

If we give way to the forces of fear, we'll have given our selves over to them... © 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark Richard Prime

The Real Journey

The real journey will be the one to the self. Courageous are those that dare venture into the darkness to rescue a fallen angel... ~ We may not need them to control our guns, but we certainly need them to control theirs. Keep our senses about us, keep our rights about us, and keep our Love at the forefront of both... ~ Warriors of this world, you need no gun or bomb as weapon, you need the fullness of Love upon your tongue, sing it, write it, speak it, paint it, stage it, be it... ~ A spiritual warfare that not one gun will help us with our struggle toward peace... ~ I certainly hope that through my constant posts that I am not making you tired of my speech... It is my intention to set off an alarm within you, deep inside, beneath the fear and the want, trying to rise up on belief's behalf and grasp our hands and pull us up into Heaven... I think that I'm proving that I'm human, now let's dance and change us both into fine feathered spirits and ne