Standing in the Way

Love Wins

Selfishly Murdered

The Extension

Place Under the Sun

Deliver Unto Love

That in Mind

Take the Time

The History of the Future

Rather Busy at the Moment

Memory of...

War's Graft is a Look Like None Other

noise, sound, silence, love, life, laughter

Who's Thought

Humble Humbling

Perception of God

Perception's 9/10 the Belief

Don't Want

Fear Out of Belief

Above Belief's Template

Getting There

One Liner

Stuck Between

Brother, Your Thoughts

To Fit the Bill

Fit the Bill

Regarding Written by Another

Oh Steward

Blind With Shame

Stand Corrected

Brightside Up

If This Belief

Not Really Pleased With Our Beliefs

Will/Spirit and the Self/Vessel

Unknown In All of It

Where Within

Find My Love Within

In My Haze

Ever Heard It

Just a Story

Thoughts on Eternity

Human-carried Spirit

Laughter is...

New Friends


Truth Be Told

Fit to Make it Otherwise

Mere Discussion

Simplicity's Glance

When it is Beyond Doubt

Belief Wrap

How Much Love Will it take to Arrive at its Center