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PTSD might have my back, in the sense that it seems to matter not what I do if it's most loving and the way I see, it's the eartH that brings us to the fight as I toddle along in my quest, which is questionable at best and in need of a look-see, embrace that which indeed makes sense and proceed from there. This, my belief, is up to you and you and you and you and you and you and you and you and you nd you and you and you and you and you and you and you and you and you and you and you, but its the-

Sorry! Didn't work out the way you had foreseen? Embrace forgiveness and Love...

From this point forward I will be writing a play for anyone that finds it righteous! Rejoicing in the Me I was born to be! We all play a vital role in our return, not our outcome, that's just a silly word to distract you from the now! Boom boom it is now, rat a tat tat, listen for the truth in that...

i'll never write those words you give me while you grin, as if Love is all you've imagi…

The Great Wheel

Perhaps that is why we continue to avoid our collusion, we are meant to be stewards for Love and God, not corporation and governance... What's the most power a peaceful and loving movement has at its disposal is the fullness of the collective's will to the whole's love.

Could it have already happened and I'm trying to change the eartH's reality and belief simultaneously from my vantage point, and all is not hopeless, but gushing with Love?

I certainly hope so...

The great wheel turns at the pace of Love and Creation. We couldn't get off the ride even if we tried, which leaves HUMANKIND staring off vacantly in the indoctrinated camps of consumption. If it ain't oil or gas or some other finite, therefore dying, resource, then we're parasitic of one another, physically and spiritually! We want over need, reckless and numb to the eartH's breathing truth in the universe of our static frame.


© 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark Richard P…

Meaningless Unknowable

But what if it is knowable in the end, then as far as belief is concerned it is knowable, wouldn't that render unknowable meaningless? Unknown has more flexibility in its nuance...

© 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark Richard Prime

Comprised of other

If the self is comprised of the thoughts outside of our own, isn't that cause for concern in how we personally have seen it? Divisions are mere traps for our weakness of spirit that we might sleep better at night knowing what we've collectively done to the (H)eartH and to family...

© 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark Richard Prime

Conversing with The Whole of the Spirit on Halloween Day


In order for there to be peace, the war must be fought within ones self, not vicariously through another. The self must be brought to bear for its usage of the spirit. If you deceive another in the embellishment of Love, you are destined to reap what you sow, but according to Love, sowing will be the gift for our frail bodies and hearts, our thinking has sent Love and God calling upon us to think! Look around you, do you believe your belief, or do you believe your reality...? A balance must be met or the sky will no longer be the limit, our beliefs will come to calling and all hell will break loose if we don't harness the fear that will ensue from such an encounter.

Fear has been my guide long enough. I've been searching, what we're all intended to do, or so I believe, and now I've found Love and my wings to go along with her fullness...
These words are my Love poem to my Love, all of her actions have been for me. Hands down the fullness of Love and forgiveness h…

Second Inundation

ME: I’ll stop breathing when I forget. Speaking of that, if you happen to see me fall over, would you kindly lend a loving pair of hands, and then remind me of where I truly am if this is not Heaven, could Heaven be a replica of what we saw, what we see, in the eartH besides our own belief?

SPIRIT: Holy mother and father of God! It’s time to rev up the Love machine and wash everyone with it, all within a light-year or two away (from being swell friends) and with a thought in reservation, waiting to be smoothed to a song, the song that now leans joyfully against me, and with a whispering tongue upon the Truth…

(Can you hear me now? Am I coming through out there? Tick tock, time’s irrelevant, so why should one consider it?)

Suggest that to the one about to have their reality come into view. Then once they've found their balance, they come together before the reality is even due. Love and owe nothing, be fearful at your own peril, but do not worry in the least for one cannot predic…

Inundated by the Spirit of Love

A play is on my mind. A play set in the near future. Humankind has been inundated by the spirit of Love and no one is afraid to speak up, to forgive another for what they've done, to Love another in spite of their flaws, to love another in spite of their inability to Love back to the degree with which it's given...

A play with loving characters trying to maintain Love's needs while simultaneously diminishing human want...

The play will be set in present day, oddly enough.

An experiment of the spirit.

For instance a character named Grief might ask,

GRIEF: Why do we grieve over loved ones who've passed only to imagine them somewhere besides inside of us?

And another named Deed might answer with a question,

DEED: Are they not also in our walk, in our spirit, that we might share their love with others?

And Life might say,

LIFE: Too many pass on before they recognize their path, too many trample upon it without regard to the fullness of Love just beneath their feet, Ho…

I am with Love as We Speak

I believe I was chosen, doesn't mean I'll pass the many tests to come. Could mean that I have not been or will be selected out of the many billions that have been "chosen. Am I like some lab experiment by God and Love that went terribly wrong?

(Too many cooks in the kitchen, eh?)

Yes, but a lab experiment? I don't know for sure, I know nothing for sure, if I did I would have solved this long ago. But the thought goes on forever, if an end is not possible in this.

(But what if it is possible?)

Then it is true, this story unfolding before me. Help me harness it, please?

God is in my Love, my Lovely angel come to rescue me from my self. I bow to the knowledge that I cannot know and kiss the soil in earnest for her cleansing and mine. When guilt is gone, in other words fear, it comes as no surprise.

It's all going backwards for me, like a film churning out forgotten futures and remembered pasts, a machine bent on Love...

What if our hope is in our belief of where we…


Goodmorning, my fellow spirits,

Do you remember? You're my guide, sending me forth to cleanse my failings, don’t you remember? Honest and full Love with her and his and ours and theirs and yours and mine and you and me and I and on and on until the courage is mounted inside my spirit to ride the length of the fields, the length of the mountains, not these prophesies of doom and superiority over another based simply on what is believed.

Whatever happened to the truth?


You too can know the truth. Take on other's sins, for in truth, they are your knowing grin, too. It will cleanse you for what's to come. We are, in the never-end, going to know it all, are we not? Otherwise, what would be the point in our suffering if not for the Hell we created? And if we are to know it all, are we not also to rein in our kind and partake in truth; the fullness of love?

(No. Nobody's God...)

It is, dear family, what matters most in our play, family, and if I care about my fami…