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Proclaiming the Love

We proclaim him [Christ], admonishing and teaching everyone with all wisdom, so that we may present everyone perfect in Christ.
—Colossians 1:28 (NIV)

I don't think we do. Does that mean I should get to proclaiming the Love and the God that guide me and reveal to me through laughing eyes, that I may, at the least, present my self as resembling God, more than God resembling me?

© 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark and Michelle Prime

You Think This Is Funny?

I still don’t think I’m aware of just exactly who I am in all of this. I do, however, believe beyond a shadow of doubt, that Love is all around and through me, so God was always here. From what I can recall, and it ain’t much, in my life, is too many spirits trying to convince me otherwise, in other words, their way…

This is, in my opinion, less of a belief and more of a fact, the truth beneath the feet, if you will?

“It’s all yours brother and sister, I’ve had enough!”

(What one should have said as his belief started its bidding, for a thousand, Alex!)

You think this is funny?


I think it’s funny too, but this is serious business, not something for you to tinker with until the wheels fall off the ragtag wagon you call spirit and ride around in like you’re the king and queen using your hands as mirrors instead of tools…

© 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark and Michelle Prime

Everything Hurts



Let me dance... Let us dance... Love.

© 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark and Michelle Prime


I must be allowed to pray as I see it, the same with you and you and you and you and you and you and you and you and you and you and you and- is our Heavenly Home not enough anymore?

© 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark and Michelle Prime

Hey Anonymous Spirit...

...I just had a vision of you, my friend. You're a very integral factor along my journey. Some of your moves guided me, or maybe it was my instinct. I want you to know that your spirit now dances with mine, the instinct of the mind, the vessels for the spirit of love, spirits that I've been dancing with. And not to say you haven't your own, but these words pour through me no less than your love of freedom, like your spirit has led so many to peace and love. You have been a champion for the people's liberties, I mean you've stuck your neck out for me and the 99%, and I am grateful my friend, but I am your friend and something tells me that you might, at times, have been my foe, instinctively speaking that is. As if you've been waiting so damn long for me to act upon my belief that you sense a lesson that entered the same time as mine, though I may not be the least socially awkward, I'm probably in the top percentage and I have trouble figuring things out on…

Books for sale...


The Better Side of Human Love

Where is this "peace negotiation" of which you speak, dear friend? It certainly sounds better than, "war negotiations"...

In my opinion, peace can't negotiate with war, but she can certainly negotiate with the better side of human love...

We should think more about the only thing we can possibly know that is beneath our feet and end our reckless tumble into the abyss of belief... Marry the two, belief and truth, then perhaps whatever comes our way will have been considered...

© 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark and Michelle Prime

A Vicious Cycle that Must End

It's not another that we need imagine bringing about change, it is ourselves.

We tend to push the boundary between what is believed and what is known, leaving our minds capacity to tell the difference rendered incapable...

It will be this union that will lift the veil that we might, at long last, recognize Home. Let us pray that we are prepared for the resurrection of Life...


It's a vicious cycle that must end, without a doubt. Women, mothers all, must be respected as men's equal, they're better and more loving with so many more things than we men. We men had best wrap our pea-brains around the idea before full Love swings her hips and we lose our balance altogether...


© 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark and Michelle Prime

Of These Words

(Beautiful, my Love!)

O, my lovely angel Love, that is wonderful to know, for without your council none of these words would make any sense to me. You've opened the doorway to Love and forgiveness and ushered me in, my dearest wife.

Forgiveness and Love, the two most powerful wings an angel could hope for...

© 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark and Michelle Prime

Did You See Me

Did you see me as incapable, or in need of your loving spirit’s assembly?

Methinks it was your spiritual council that I sought. Both your fear and your rage and your joy and your love that I might be ready when the man I was born to be emerges from under the mask…

If my belief outdistances what I see before me, it will have been a good use of my angelic spirit and would go a long way in changing what I see before me with the fullness of the spirit of Love. Imagine that?

(Live it…)

© 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark and Michelle Prime

Nearer in Likeness to the Mother eartH

I do love wooden bridges. They feel a if they’re inviting us to walk upon their spirit-filled boards that we might learn more of ourselves...

Women are nearer in likeness to the Mother eartH than we men and that's a fact. Women, and all they are, should be held up as equals, through and through to we men, after all it is the spirit that Creation seeks, not the shell that carries it. How we treat our temples is reflective of how we love our Home. I see women as the givers of life, they've just been giving so much more than their share that it has humankind bamboozled and stumbling around like "zombies".

I say let us hear women roar their allegiance to life and love and forgiveness and duty and child and honor and laughter! Humankind and the eartH would be most loving from such an event, and the eartH alone might be most forgiving of human's ruination to the Mother eartH, the mothers, the women, the daughters of Life, Love and Laughter.

(A most delectable queen …

There is Much More Needed

There is indeed more than meets the eye to just our view from here, our personal slice of Heaven, there are many other forms that imagine so too. We are not alone, there is the loving spirit unwinding herself from our fear and she returns her fullness of Love back into us.

(Beautiful! How do I sign up?)

One doesn’t need to sign up or on to anything regardless of the other failing to respect the right to have and to hold our very own! This is the power of Love, not some mouthpiece called Mark Richard Prime! No. This is me, not he, but me and thee and thee and thee and you and you and you and you and you and you and you and you and you and you and you and you and you and you and you and you and you and the other side of fear needs swung round as omen for me to be her savior- and you and you and you and you and you and you and you and you and you and you and you and you and you…

If she, the Mother eartH, is ready for my song, I’ll have to sing it before you even know where I’ve been. T…

I Am Only One

I am only one among so many that are acting upon the self they were intended to be, part of the whole, yet unique in sovereignty and their individualized mode of Love...

Let us move as one for the fullness of Love will not be denied. We’d and she would best be served if the fullness of our Love would begin its journey inward to reflect upon what’s outward, not what is imagined…

© 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark and Michelle Prime


By the way, my head's flipped upside down…

I like the idea of a compassionate…

(Unsure if intelligence is truly a factor in the development of Love, but, be that as it may or may not be, a community that embraces all of life is never a bad thing.)

Yes. And I don't feel it is my place to demand anything of another, even of the belief behind the initial reactions from the spirit within our exchanges. I agree that the power of Love is the surge to follow in this shift of “time”- I am among them, they and you, us, we...

Set me free in the belief of the belief in me, in who I was born to play upon this our living stage and join the we! The Life, the Love and the Laughter...


Now what?


© 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark and Michelle Prime


This is our prayer… They don’t want us to be alone with our thoughts by design, and once we rebel against the virus, we recognize our Heavenly Home…


The trace is everywhere, the spirit of fear, of possibilities unlimited but all cascading now as one into war. End your course! Stop! Go back and retrace the steps back to Love… Please, for the Love of All, love…

They speak to me with broken tongues,
with eyes shining as bright as the sun.

They look into my eyes for something hidden within me,
yet known within themselves,
like a cool hand on a fevered brow or a loving caress next to sleep.

I want to ask them who I am,
but I’ve already been told it’s something I needn't see,
the answers to that which I cannot know.
Still, I call to them in my dreams and dance alongside their swaying hips.
I hold them dear so they might soon share their Love with the new world.

They look as if they’ve known me forever,
with eyes swimming to the same rhythm as my dreams,
with the same …

A Court of Law or Public Opinion Shall Not Sway Me...

No! There is not a court of law or public opinion that will sway me from my course to save the eartH of my own kinds parasitic nature! This is not, then, a belief, but a truth that writhes beneath the feet!

There, happy now?

© 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark and Michelle Prime

Let us dance, shall we?

We are in this together my friends and family and all. This is a belief that has come off the track of fear and now tumbles headlong down the pathway of Love!

Don't you see? I cannot stop this truth pouring out of me, the reason we are here is to be stewards, angels, Gods. Imagine that coming from the children of Creation?

Just the handshake was enough to bring these latest words to you, the spirit of Love is what I wrestle fear away from and dismantle it and reconstruct it back into truth. It's a blessing and a curse is this ever-evolving instinct...

Let us dance, shall we?

© 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark and Michelle Prime

Tick Tock Toe...

You, my child, the child nearest me, and Love, are to be cherished most of all when it is just she and we and thee...

Forgo this bond with another's belief and damn well have your own.

To those who have taken Love's child and via your contempt for Love thought you would manipulate the child of Love, have bit off so much more than you can chew if you think the eartH isn't my Heavenly Home.

(Whoah there, fella! You might blow the hinges off your cage and escape into the great unknown if you don't slow down!)

I'd hope so.

© 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark and Michelle Prime

Release Love's child at once, teacher

Maybe I'm supposed to ask, but what of them asking me? Have I, in my belief closed off the exit ramp due to the high winds of Love?

(What the hell does that mean, Rimnod?)

It means I don't know the answer, I'm not allowed to know the exactness of the answer, this is my beleif, this is Love... that will not cease her pounding as long as WE are quiet!

For the love of God and Love, ask me?

(You're in some tall rankness today my friend.)

Aside: You, my child, must not be fooled by Life's "teachers", all. They have a belief of their own and if another belief feels threatened by his speech it is not the messenger's to pay heed, it is you...


© 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark and Michelle Prime

Where is the voice

Isn’t my belief, the belief of allowing the loving spirits to choose for me, who I am, who I was born to be?

Well, I say poppycock! Where is “me”? Not “I”. Where is the voice of the one I am intended to be, or I made myself out to be?

We, not I or me, are the creator’s of full Love. WE, the collective we’s have powers we cannot yet imagine. Soon. Either way, I believe it beyond a shadow of a doubt that Love and God are swimming through me, which makes it real to me, which is actually who I am…

We all don’t have roles to play in this drama, we have roles to choose, and I suppose I always wanted to play Hamlet, only a Hamlet who chooses to follow the ghost of Love instead of the phantom of fear. Wonder how that tragedy turns out?

To wake up again and again and again an again and again to wake up and wake up and wake up and try to remember your many mistakes regarding your willing treatment of consumption like it’s infinite or something?

It is infinte if one exists in Heaven.



Acted Upon

“The spirit is alive, but we need a system that supports it fully.”

If the spirit were indeed "alive", we'd have a system that fully supports it, wouldn't we?


(Discontentment, another form of indifference if not acted upon.)

Being discontent is fear topped with self awareness, and it resides outside of full Love.

It is certainly not from love that discontent arises.

In my opinion, that is...

© 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark and Michelle Prime

Boom! Boom! Boom! Answered She

The last of humankind to escape earth came crawling out of their makeshift holes to question the destruction of all within their reach. Their eyes scanned the surface of a beleaguered moon emptied of spirit, save for death’s marauding phantoms.

The last of humankind came begging that Love again grant them their prayers, they pled with her to offer them one more chance at laughter’s reign, more time to make good on their promise to Love.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Answered she…

© 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark and Michelle Prime


(Forgiveness, What's it for from Celebrate
The eartH has, in my opinion, if not in fact, all that pertains to our needs. No more and no less…

That’s a prayer worth imagining is it not? Engage your individual loving spirit, before it’s too late and you and me and I go drifting away in fear…

A trilogy of sorts.


It is not my intention to demean the spirit- No. Demean is too strong, I’m just climbing around the fearful spirit to get to your human belief. Relax and dance, it doesn’t have to be a nightmare of any kind, certainly not the machine we’ve crafted of our collective self?

Scan, purchase, consume.

Reverse that- consume, purchase and scan- Change that- purchase, scan and consume. That’s better.

Too much thought went into that pointless exchange-

The fears I’ve shown in you… have been countless! It was your Love that we should have been seeking and worshipping the whole time!


So, we had no choice since everything was unknowable, if it were not from the inco…


(Laura Pelick --- Sun and Moon art)
All this belief stuff! Let’s do what we know and stop dreaming it’s any other way until it is revealed to us! Let us make her heaven above all else we know and save the Heaven of belief a step in the divine direction…

My Love, what we’re going through now will seem a feint memory if our union always remembers to love…

To keep the power of Love at fullness one must always remember to love.

(Sounds easy.)

In theory, yes.

(What, The Theory of Stupidity?)

Why not, Curmudgeon? Those are words, and more importantly they are actions that mean more to we stewards of the eartH of Creation than we’ve been able to imagine, can you think of a better place to work?

(You sleep, you must. Lifetime’s are no different- they literally are human evolution…)

And there, I thought I was all alone with this belief…

(How could you be alone when your belief is all inclusive, Rimnod?)

That would mean that I am a spiritual healer?

(You’re no Jesus! You’re no rock star!
You’re no M…


Do as you imagined before your options begin their spiral away from truth and back into belief’s fearful loving. Don’t you see? I’m you and you’re me and collectively we are Love, for how else can one explain the emotion that has us in her grasp? What will it be, fear or the fullness of the collective Love?

We’re choosing both and both just ain’t gonna cut it! Fear has no place in this, our dream. It is most foul and only needs be in the instinct, not worn outward like a long blade that slices away reason…

Are we the children of Creation? Then why have we not been upset at how we as a whole are treating the eartH of said Creation? We are here, so why not make the best of it instead of war and consume ourselves off the face of the eartH?

War, consumption, same difference, right…?

(Silence… followed by the whistle of the train.)

Something’s wrong! The weight of the vehicle is on top of him! What the hell were we thinking to carve our belief’s out of fear? We are not savages! None!


8.27.12 Necessity is Our Need, Not Our Want

(Frames/sing - Anslem's Proof of God)
Isn’t it possible that we are a part of this thing we’ve coined evolution, our adaptability theory or our belief’s presumption heaped upon the great and immense unknown unknowable, and we’re evolving toward laughter, life and Love; evolving love in motion toward the fullness, the center of Love, as if our very spirits depend on it? There’s a word for that…

(Necessity is your need, not your want. Remember…)

There are so many loveless gestures in the spirits that dwell within the one singular exactness of the loving spirit, wherever and whatever. We’re evolving, we’re adapting to our need to love over our inane desire to be King and Queen of the loving eartH of Life, Laughter and Love with a tyrants fist…

Rejoice at the news! Our folly can be held away from its trembling if we’ll but love the eartH of Creation in return…


The birds chime in as if on cue, or perhaps my ears entered in from prayer to Home, Heaven on eartH to you…

The colors a…

This is Not an End, My Friends, It’s a Continuation…

(The Meadow)
My head’s upside down. I am seeing or remembering things very differently than my breath can disseminate, our spirits danced and penned this story, not my self or our selves…

This is Love and Love conquers all, even me. “I” she had in hell for the things that “I” had done, but when “I” gave into my transgressions which held me at bay, “I” had to become egoless and the tongue of “me” sang her prayer…

I am not out of my mind, if that’s what some of you are thinking? No. I’m quite aware, not just me, but the spirits I am now dancing with are likely aware even before I’m made so, you and you and you and you and you and you and you and you and you and you and you and you and you and you and you. “I” was not to be found, anonymous, if you will. All of our spirits and all of our minds- Ever wondered why those things always made the least of sense, the spirit disconnected from the brain yet asking the brain to elevate action or deeds most important of all. Action’s speak so much …