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5.10.12 It Doesn’t Have to End in Tragedy, Our Story

It should never have been. She is the Mother that we seek. Beneath the feet writhes Love while our mind and spirit coil in their self-made hell, in agony… asking us where we went wrong? How dare they ask such a thing, I’m a human being for Christ’s sake, for Love’s sake, your sake, for all and every sake? There’s a lot of time for bowing before the things that I know that went wrong, but upon honest heartache, nothing compares… I needn’t continue this, my quest for the one exactness of Love, yet I’ve need to continue its neverend, its call to the individual me, the me that Mark Richard Prime is, the mere vessel in a test of my will, willed from the graces of Love… If these words shift on me, and I see I’ve seconds to spare in their fears, I’ll jump ship and swim with Creation’s Love into the mist… ~ The thought of anything but the self, the whole and Home, the eartH of Creation, the Heart of Creation is called for now... I believe, if someone asks me where I am, I should not


( Pichaus ) The one exactness is unknowable to me, as unknowable as anything that’s ever-changing, in flux with spirit and substance, laughter and flesh, body and birth, planet and star, tree and canyon, plant and soil, ocean and sea all rising and setting together. “One must know God” , an oft run statement always sounded more like a question to me. I cannot not “know” the one Truth, God, if you prefer, I believe that I can only believe in the one truth, but, in the flesh, I cannot know. If I believe beyond a shadow of any doubt I will have what I imagine to be true, I will have it overflowing… (Sounds more like a warning shot across the brow?) Good one, whoever you are, and yes… directly within plain sight. (Why conjure anything, why not just be?) I am being. I’m loving and thinking, and my thoughts seem to be crafting a magnificent belief which knows no boundaries or end… I’ve longed for eternity so much longer than I have imagined finding Love. I’m having diffic