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Extraordinary Occurrence

I need but Love. It's rather simple actually, we need Love to swim evermore inside of us and we will, evermore, be in Heaven...

In the gleaming of our time together in freedom we watch the hand choose its own new beginning. It is strange that only now, as the world hemorrhages, do we sense a resurgent vigor of our treasured being. Our neighbors are holding hopeful that we proceed and that our hearts can quell the rumbling earth. They call to us from all around, below and above, these spirits that yearn to be loved, yearn to have love and evermore Love and it has, this, your hope, your love is all one need to bring about a transformation beyond your wildest dreams, what are you waiting on? These are the word's of Love. 

Anon comes our most extraordinary occurrence, which we, with wild modesty of our grand estate, do pray angels might hover within our strain, stuffing the dreary look with the consult of truth, and burst forth with a great cry of liberty that she shall, within our …

Dislodge the "Facts"

To achieve what war cannot, dislodge the facts, usher in hope and create breath.

To create what the warrior cannot, usher in dreams, wage peace, save love.

To carry the lode that liars cannot, use words of wisdom, grains of trust and the truth.

It is not an issue of one knowing the truth of war, but rather the ability of one not to wage it.

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