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Love, Have Her See My Worship and Let Me Evermore Remember that I'm a Steward

(Our Funny
Love, have her see my worship and let me evermore remember that I'm a steward. If I come back around again in this our race to truth, then so be it, I will remember my lessons from the eartH with which I know or can even begin to recognize my amazing surroundings. Heaven is a word, an emotion in a larger sense, it is and must remain unknown until I can and do again begin to see the basic truths on my way toward the reward of knowing where I am, who I am and what I am...

Rejoice! My prayer's been answered. Let her Love you in return that she might offer eternal devotion.

I shouldn’t be flying? Maybe Love has no direction, or at least it didn't. Breathe. Inhale, exhale...

It's okay for you to tell me. Otherwise, I'd be nothing to you and you nothing to me. My right as a privileged mug, among billions, don't get me wrong, I've been relatively poor my entire life and where I've not much to show in the material sense, it's made up…

Long Shadows

(Door Crack Shadow by mandaandapop on Deviant Art)
The freedom that we wanted couldn't bring itself through the gates, so we imagined it pressing its paws to the soil beyond the walls we erected, heard it weeping plaintively just outside of our tiny rooms.

Said we could smell it in the breath of every passing spring, spoke of its splendid dance waiting with shoes for our feet.

We said we imagined that we heard its velvet voice flecking upon our ears and that we tasted it in the water gracing our lips.

After time, the long shadows that stirred beneath our doors began to startle us with their quick and brutal motions, and then they began to console us with their torturous laughter.

They never once spoke of freedom, made no mention of its demise.

© 2012 by mark richard prime