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The Truth Stands Now at the Ready

Wouldn’t you imagine it’s not yours to know? Wouldn’t you imagine you've no more time left to carve out adornments on the side of The Mother? 

No. I am a parasite of my own kind, distinct from any other animal on the face of the earth. Water for drink, the nectar of love. I am, in my belief, being summoned, told things, thoughts that find the experience they never imagined…

See? This is still the heart of love. If you had journeyed without hope, without love, then your own writing would not be dancing with the many. Writing that sings humankind's song, that brings you along with me to the visions of you and you and you and you and you and the next generation and the next generation and the next train wreck of belief ever fathomed in existence! 

Those that I imagine I see, are so much bigger than I and much more awe inspiring than that of humankind's beast-like love. Oh for the full love of all, the pecking order goes quite high in this atmosphere!

End your pace found in war,…

One Beautiful Belief Leading Me to Another

I've not much else to offer in this act of giving my mind away, save for Love. I could go on that way forever as could we all, yet, what would be gained but perhaps lifetimes of trying to reach love and never quite stumbled upon just that? Love. Love. Love. Love. Love. Love. Love. Love.  Love. Truth. Love. Love. Love…

Turn your thinking to the skies, Mark Richard Prime, only in name (which is nearly nothing) and begin to offer this unknowable existence as love and not as fear. 

This conversations's making me a bit uncomfortable.

Believe and remember that what you believe is only entertainment and cannot be known for it is not knowable in the flesh, which is what counts in this time of existence for humankind. Make your belief worthy of the earth of love and you are ready to take belief to another level, another place, truth. 

I long to continue this flight with the notion that I am Love, the idea that I am anything less, goes against my self’s better nature. Strike the drum now…

Beyond the Reach of Time

The stars always seem the same, same message, same warning… love.

Love generally doesn’t require that I undress my rage and wars and death and death and death will become me beneath my skin, a shell of robot parts and guilt will follow me to my loveless crypt, my fight to a photo finish. Let me begin my caress with great haste. She waits and waits and cries out to my better self. She enters in without an ounce of hate. She begins with her love and ends with her full love come calling down to greet me to sleep evermore…


Get to dancing, bring your guitars! Douse your scripts made of oils, our addiction! Plastic, metal, wood, rock, tree! Get our lonesome doves to groove the sky with Elvis, with Jesus set to clip our ankles and tumble this all goodbye. Love, when accompanied by hate, rape and murder of the loveliest of our flesh and blood, mere surface and bones cracking like mortality, always dies. Mortal fools made of brain lifting despicable wishes to disregard home and mother. Sham…

Warriors of the Rainbow

(Warriors of the Rainbow, Eyes of Fire)
Eyes of Fire weeps of our pale use.
She yearns for the forest and soil to converse,
urging that our actions be those of Love,
not those of war or destruction of the (H)eartH.


© 2012 by mark richard prime