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I’m in Heaven and Everyone’s Spirit is Affecting My Journey.

I’m in heaven and everyone’s spirit is effecting my journey.

Those of you that sense the idea that something’s not right, remember, you’re an animal and instinct is older than word.

This is the greatest recollection I've had since the grandmother told me what for and landed me upon heavenly earth to believe. Remember it until it becomes second nature, the moment of instinct…


I have yet to rid all of my fears to bring my belief forth complete, what I remember, what I don’t, now falling out of my mouth like gallons of living spirit breathing through me. Giving my mind away is my anecdote for any wrong I may have caused another and for any spirit that I may have harmed along the way.

Go out into the night sky, Mark, and watch the stars more than television or any other glass screen staring up at you without the countenance of love. Get rid of your foul noise and hold love tenderly. 


I am the scribe of my own war. “The greatest foe was myself and my imagination that never…

It's Time

Remember this memory? Birth?

Every love offered, every peace made, every promise kept, every helping hand, every loving gaze, every beautiful silence. (Silence.) rang the alarm. Time? There’s no such thing. It’s irrelevant to everything. Love has seen to that. There is a tipping point and the cable's snapped and you're free falling in space like a shooting star, without eyes, what, oh what do you know but the earth?

If I am missing something, I suppose then I might ask love a question, haven't I need to find love on my own walk and not that of anyone or anything else?

I am to serve the earth, instead I've been strangling her shores with toxins dumped in her waters, boiling air, smog lifting its talons to greed, great heaps of jangling metal frames, in honor of what exactly? Me and only me? Tell me preachers, has anyone the key?


I cry when I dance with a soul that’s truly alive because spirits have suffered greatly at my hand. Where was I going? Why didn’t I rem…

Commencing My Love Stage

Mark, are you not afraid?


You should be.





Begin again. Let love be in your walk, in your action, in your rejoicing at the great fortune to have been born. Rejoice that you have purpose. Rejoice that you've at long last opened your eyes to who, what, and where you are...


Perhaps I've gotten lost, somehow, in this story of redemption and can’t realize that I'm guilty of the attempted murder of the earth? Maybe I'm merely the end result of a long and malignant humanity?


It is a loop, this dream I’m in. I’m remembering things that were not mine to remember, things that only love could have drawn, like mountains and streams and water and air, wildlife and dreams. I am but just beginning in my progression. I am but just commencing my love stage, yet, when I bend upon the ground in prayer, I dare to call her slave. She is my heavenly home. I imagine now my fears lifted, my aches taken away, my sorrow faded to the rising breath of the life giver...

© 2…

Love Deserves Better

A droning dream summons me.

I have just been informed that I am challenging love. I’m not, I’m being challenged by love. Love encompasses my every step. Love is traced from my lips up to my eyes. Love. Love. Love. It is I who has failed love. Love’s been more patient than was called for. Exhausted of my misuse and ready for my return to her care. I must not tarry long in my glee of heaven, I’ve plenty of time to celebrate after I’ve loved through action. I'm unable to imagine my fate. I can only believe in what my feeble mind believes that my kind has done- war, hatred, death, rape, the useless work of belief over truth.

Love deserves better.


I need open my eyes, brothers and sisters! Love waits for my senses to come around to the earth. She calls to me beneath the loam, calls to me with an urgent sway, begging that I take my home’s hand and dance evermore, recall my beginning, my birth through perfection.

Remember your promises to life and you serve love. The perfection of lov…

Touché my love!

Whisper to me lovely willow that I might glimpse your reason?

To shelter, my dear boy. To shelter.

Whisper to me lovely sky that I might breathe your reason?

To drape you in life, dear one. To drape you in life.

Whisper to me dear wife that I might steal a glimpse of the lovely spirit I’ve danced with the most in my journey. I know you chose it not, my love, but, in order for any of it to be seen as heaven, we must remain an unbreakable bond, evermore. Our love has, can and will rise above anything, anything but love. Love’s the ceiling, and then beyond.

Where are you?


Then shouldn’t you be running along now trying to save the earth? There’s gonna come a time when being seven feet tall’s not gonna find your nose above water...


You’re the smart one, remember?



I remember the spirit that rises and if I could strangle off a bit more of the beast that holds it down, I’d be soaring.

Let go!

I can’t. I’m being held by spirits that don’t need me, many that don’t want me an…

Two Moons Through My Eyes Do See Truth

Two moons through my eyes do see, one left, one right, both a different half of me. Love is wave and love is particle, both sides of life. One searches for the place that I belong, the other recognizes the earth as love. I must always walk with Love, without knowing, but believing.

Believe in Truth. Trust in Love.


The balloon floats above the moon. I believe this never ends.


The spirits dancing now are raucous and they’re jostling me to write. There’s little time for thinking, action is all that will summon love. Love awaits my consciousness, my goodness to come dancing forth, bringing me to the truth of which I'd rather not speak, the truth of who I might be.

I thought I knew. I might be who I am, but it is love speaking in my dreams, in my waking thoughts, in my every pore, every tree, every ocean, every living and breathing thing, mountain, water, soil, sand, forest, animal and sky, so who I am is irrelevant...

Love is overjoyed that I've healed my spiritual blindness…