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The Terrible Ache

That was then, this is now, see the darkness in all eyes, feel the cold scrape of death prodding the tongue to bow…

Who are you to put fear within where once there was none? Love held you as you passed, stroked your furrowed brow, she still does if you’ll but care for her, allow her to replace the terrible ache implanted in your mind. This toxic painting is not for sale, she is to be made whole again, or she’ll summon the wind and rain and the quaking surface- The music lights our way.

That was then, this is now, time has traveled away, bending knees will stay, eyes speaking of death, ears numbed to the pain, with joy chained up inside, salivating for yesteryear.

© 2011 by mark prime

The Wind Across the Encampment

The wind fumbled its frigid paws across the encampment. The coldness just on its way, the ice sneering at its arrival, aren’t we all meant to believe in something?


Yes? That’s the answer? My heart is before you! It is mine. It is the source of all my dreams, if I would but only see her without me. I lay it before you…

It’s tricky.

Witnessing myself die and have been for nothing wasn’t the easiest thing to experience, yet it’s what has allowed me to recognize where I am, what I am and who I am…

And you are there, too! We crowd around the fireplace and smile upon one another with Love in our intentions, kinship in our hearts.


© 2011 by mark prime

Nearest Our Spiritless Screeching

I said it might go on forever. Might I be right? It needn’t be asked… it is Love.

Forever’s the noise nearest our spiritless screeching, over the droning waters as jack boots for when they paced in outraged nervousness at their fate, it is most loud. The night is over for sadness. Thank you for your gift, for you coming to her rescue, for you reaching out with Love, arms outstretched in a hallowed dance with affection, laughter so crisp it strikes at the silent veins of Love and brings forth her gift to those of us who recognize her, but for all of our squander, see her not.

Love, help us!

This goes on forever…

© 2011 by mark prime

Eternity is for the Spirit...

The day drifted out to your crooning sea, the night wafted in like a dancer with echoes of spirit playing at her feet and we loved.

This goes on forever.

We need remind ourselves, that if we don’t remember the past, the dawn of man, we will not live to see that where we were was eternal. Time without end since we oozed from the primordial soil and greeted our rebirth, our soul’s Love protecting all that should be cherished.

Humankind is in full panic, obsessed with toxic things that attempt to destroy civilization with mankind erased from the spirit’s eternal memory. What did they ever have to say for her? What have you or I ever done that gave true honor to the kingdom of eternal life, destroy the most incredible gift known in the universe, the eartH? Please, won’t you stop? Listen to the sea wail the gift of life, water lapping at her shores, begging to be released from the death throes of man. We must chart a new course, not one that is stale from use, but one that includes bel…

Out of Love

(Long Silence...)

Now you swim in my every breath, Love.

I wouldn’t say that if I hadn’t found Love, Heaven and Home.

Creation is not some unreachable ideal, but waiting beneath my feet, waiting for my eyes to open so I might see that her arms are wrapped around Love’s children.

For too long I have been in pain. For too long I have been in shock. Too long suffocating my Love with reams of hate, endless dreams that strangle The Grandmother, that pollute Love.

A drop of poison in the queen’s goblet, now off you go! Produce more ravenous beasts to line your trophy case and chisel agony out of your Home, your Heaven!


© 2011 by mark prime

Until We Love...



Love is what you make of it, too. We’ll best be served loving our Home, The Great Grandmother, the giver of life, above all else, above our imagination, unfathomable, unpredictable, and unreachable… until we love.



© 2011 by mark prime

Eternity Is What You Believe

It's tragic, really.

We are foolish beasts unworthy of Love and we are forcing her to make it known. She, the Mother, the Grandmother and the Great Grandmother, is waiting for us to return to remembrance of where we are.

Pray we begin.

Yes. Pray for jobs and economic equality, but then pray for us to open our eyes to where we are so the jobs may well be worth having in the future without war, a future of peace and Love for each person, each animal, and for the diligent care of our most amazing home and of our great fortune.



Do we not see our sentence for the attempted murder of our mother? Are we blind to such imaginings? Are we set to fall short before we draw a last collective breath and fade into the mist of forever sleep, forever without our children and their children and their children and so on to original man... unable to breathe of Love evermore?

The spirit is eternal. Eternity is what you believe, and your home, the eartH, is a part of that eternity.

Life is…

Every Breath Is Love

We all have something we’re hiding. We all need bend now to that fated day when we were less significant than the (H)eartH’s precious cargo.

Hello my friend, have I angered you or have you angered me?

I have been angry with you, yet not for what you’ve wrought, but what you couldn’t tell me.

I’ve been searching for sometime now, my Love. I’ve found her, as I’ve said so many times before in the archives of these words, my Love.

If you please her in that way, in all ways, might you then have, by chance, rightly stumbled upon heaven? You now know that your friends are angels and your wife, their queen…

She is my queen. Mother, Grandmother, Great Grandmother. Her beauty isn’t rivaled! She floats about this, our dreams, our imaginings, our source of Love!

Who were we to jump away when danger came our way?


Yes, animals, which are set to be found guilty of murder.

She asked me to love her, how could I have turned Love down? Or… did I, by loving her in truth, love her in fact!


A Restless Dance

The distance matters not when Love's your tether.

Your amazing spirit and wonderful beauty and your motherhood and an eternity of undying Love are reason for me to love you without question. You are why I’m here. If you had not loved me, I would not be here and I would not have known that I was in heaven. Thank you for giving me reason to love… For loving me after all is said and done. (And she was panting from the previous attempt) I owe you my allegiance and my Love, forevermore…

My words are as much mine as they are yours my Love. I’ve been dancing with belief, yours and mine, hip to hip, breath to breath, caught up in a restless dance that moves us to love, leaves us to Love’s command, and brings us to our knees praying for forgiveness…

I found Love (and she was panting from the previous attempt.). I owe you my allegiance and my love, forevermore...

(Michelle, I love you. You are my heaven-sent...)

© 2011 by mark prime

Strike The Flame That Lights The Heart

You were brought to me. I was brought to you. We’re set to deliver joy light up the world!

Come! Let us encircle Love and bring our hands out to Love, to Love, to Love, to Love, to Love!

Let us reserve our legacy to the one of Love. We merely need reach out our human arms and embrace all as sacred and beyond our reach in the flesh, so while we’re here lets assure my grandson of having a reality worth sharing. Love her quaking limbs, love her roiling waters, love her slipknot winds, and love her grace under attack.

Stand up and speak out! Use your voice to make a difference! No more division among our brothers and sisters. Love prays that we heed her soil, her green and blue and space and laughter and joy and children who are warm and safe and see her affections dancing freely among spirits that should have loved instead of warred. That should’ve remembered where they were over where they dreamed.

You, my friends, were brought to me and I was called to you, so, to you I strike the …

Question The Thought

I love.

I should have known. I wasted forty-seven years seeking what wasn’t me. Searching, only not really searching, more like fate stepping in to guide me along to myself. Seeking to sour that which was not mine to defile in any way. I speak of the children. I should have known from the very beginning, it is innocence. It is Love that rules my fate. That rules yours. That reigns supreme in our duty to her.

The birth of life…

Remember it is not an easy task to imagine your child, at your age, asking what he will of your weakness, your god-fouled pride.

If I seek eternal life, it will find my body as a part of the whole, but if my spirit soars aloft, eternity will be her search for me.

Look to what you know, not to what you believe.

I need speak! I must begin to speak!

She waited for my love. She still waits for my full love to soar as high as my dreams…

If your god asks that you do anything but love, question the thought.

If your god has anything that conjures fear save for animal …

Predator, Slip, Boom, Then…

She is waking us up, her children gone astray.

Flew when we should’ve walked, drove when we should’ve run, and imagined when we should have known.

She is waking us up, her children run amok.

Might she bring her wrath at our defiling the water, land and sky? Might she come now at our unwitting behest? Could she be not angry, but sad? Have we drained our last prayer skyward?

Beneath our trudging she holds. Above our heads she cries. Atop her eternal Love we’ll die.
She’ll not wait nor tarry long with creation’s instinct. Predator, slip, boom, then…

© 2011 by mark prime

I Pray We Think...

So that’s what she requires of me… love? Had I ever known...

You’d have still fallen. You’d have known you were plummeting, only after you’d stumbled, and before that, you’d have known you were walking, and before that, you’d have known where you were.

I’ve been here before…

You want eternal life? Follow what you know, not what you believe…

© 2011 by mark prime

Skyward Taunt

Become animal, in order to survive as a species- animals unworthy of their station, marauding beasts all.

(We’re trying!)

The whooping crane croons otherwise, the sky and peaks of snow jutting skyward taunt your climb, begging that you see that near the top of the mountain ends man’s intended use.

Unchain Love. Pray that you release her that she might wrap her love around you without time, yet steeped in everlasting life…

© 2011 by mark prime

The Mother, The Grandmother, The Great Grandmother

I’d been here before. It’s as if I’d always had her, The Mother, The Grandmother and The Great Grandmother, Love, Home and Heaven.

1. Your soil is sacred.

2. Your mountain found its way into my heart.

3. Your water…

(I’m sorry, Love! Please, forgive me? I thought I was traveling to heaven!)

It is beneath your feet!

The clouds made of gloom, covered the night sky made of Love. The willow shivered as I fumbled for my heart to find its way to Love. I found her. She spoke to me again. I’ve smiled upon her as much as I’ve frowned and I’ve stopped frowning. You want eternal life? Follow what you know, not what you believe…

© 2011 by mark prime