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Boom Boom Moon (Head-Lines for 10-22-11)

Russia Wants Lunar Lava Tube Real Estate
The last of humankind to escape earth came crawling out of their makeshift holes to question the destruction of all within their reach. Their eyes scanned the surface of a beleaguered moon emptied of spirit, save for death’s marauding phantoms.

The last of humankind came begging that Love again grant them their prayers, they pled with her to offer them one more chance at laughter’s reign, more time to make good on their promise to Love.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Answered she…

Mega-bucks flow from drug cos. to doctors
This particular pill is hard to swallow without sufficient water to push it past my panting and thunderstruck tongue.

A second opinion’s unneeded, as it only benefits the benefactors, and the side effects of the money game are proving the oath most disastrous... and beneficial.

Man with knife attacks Occupy N.M. protesters
Ending most occupations has been left to guns and bombs and warriors tapping out their master’s dance upon the sovereig…

To My Amazement

(Indira Gandhi Tulip Garden - Heaven on eartH)
Where I am is all I can know, all I should know and all I need know. Who I am comes along with what I am to where I am. I must remember, recall my kinship before the act concludes. My dreams are the gauge to my knowing and my waking dreams deliver their sweet reverie to this reception with joy. And to my amazement truth has always been waiting beneath my feet for me to sense her Love, for me to awaken to my great fortune.

Awake! It is time to come together as one and occupy heaven with heart-signs that read Love, hands that hold her dear like I would hold the precious children, arms that reach out like machines of affection and legs in urgent motion toward her care.

Where did I imagine I was? Where do I imagine I am?

Who did I imagine myself to be? Who do I imagine myself to be?

What did I imagine I was here for, thievery, rape and war? What did I imagine I was here for?

Oh! The gravest fault lies in my lack of a loving imagination! The…

Let Me Evolve...

The sun remained still, it was I who crafted a path for spirit to flow outward, life to flow inward, remain, and hold fast her delicious concoction of dream.

Why have I taken up the dream and soured its indelible wish?

Who has given me permission to crash my fetid thoughts into Heaven?

What must I imagine it is for me to set her Love free that she might dance joyfully beneath the breathing sun?

When will my alarms finally awaken my child and send it out in search of my better self? Tomorrow? Tomorrow’s tomorrow? Tomorrow’s broken line of tomorrow’s, with my hands outstretched begging for another chance at tomorrow?

The line is bereft with my soiled smiles that haven’t given their joy over to themselves, I still hold the documentation of my enslavement, the shackles that cut into the skin of my hope are like steady reminders to rise with the sun and do the work of the thankless Man, capital “M” man, not the idleness of the diminutive, small “m” man.

No. The courage found in slavery…

Ancient Child...

The water poured forth and the child was born. She summoned her spirit that she might sooth my heartache with the birth of Love.

I did dance for this news and she lapped at the shores with her gladness, her child having heard the call.

The wind began to dance along the valley. I did then begin to solemnly lift the spirits summoned by the tree's percussion, the mountain's thrum, the flower's weeping to the season’s air and the spectacular formation of spirit's dancing their Love without division to the warless symphony.

May she be a loving child…

© 2011 by mark prime

Given Life...

I am given this life, given this laughter, given Love, without payment due, without fear of its origin. Love is the one seed. Love says that life and laughter are free, they cannot be bought or sold like a gravestone to mark my corporeal rest. They cannot be bartered for, save for what must be returned in kind in order for Love to greet me with its kiss.

I am given this life, given this dance without partner, it is up to me to go forth and ask another to take my hand, and then another, and another, and another, and another… without end. It is not up to me to say when Love concludes, when life and laughter end. It is only Love's to say, not me. It is Love that is the mechanism for my existing at all. It, by all intents and purpose, is the only Love I know. The only worship I’ll ever know in the flesh.

Love needn’t a book to invoke its song.

Love needn’t a doctrine to summon its dance.

Love needn’t a war to call forth its peace.

Hate divided by hate equals doom... Hate divided…