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Love The 100%

Something hasn’t just been stolen and it is not merely "democracy", or some other word that means little to Love, that has the power to give it back...

My kind cannot steal Love; therefore Love has not been stolen. My kind's minds have been hijacked and holding the box-cutter to its own throat. My kind might choose to demolish the flesh and bone of children, but my kind cannot steal the Love that is born in them, it isn't for sale and it isn't for the taking. My kind can also choose to keep all of the things it has piled on top of the Love born inside of all living things and then scream about a love of some delusional freedom that has been and continues to be offered to only some of my kind some of the time, but not all of my kind all of the time.

It has been a very long time in coming, this idea of freedom, this delusion of liberation from the shackles of fear, and it has arrived without my kind! My kind is allowing fear to conquer the will. It has arrived b…

A Wide-Eyed Dream

(Photo found on Random Quotes of Life)
I’m having a wide-eyed dream… As the weeping willow touches its breathing greenness across her Love, the earlier people dance upon her sacred altar. Barefoot and wearing feathers in worship, they’re held away from cruelty as only Mother, Grandmother and Great Grandmother’s arms can rally, and with open mouths they inhale and exhale her fresh air found breathing through them. They remain silent, save for her Love pursed upon their blissful lips as they pray and their arms invite her love in with an assured pace found only in the recognition of a kinship to all of existence. As they meditate, their minds open wide to kiss her waiting lips and greet her freedom with a breathing peace! They love before they wake. They continue to love ever after their eyes salute her open sky! They never cease to dream the dream in the dream of the dream of dreams.

And their children dance and play alongside them. They know that the child is more familiar with Love. …

They Speak to Me

(My Angel's Presence is Near by Jonice)
They speak to me with broken tongues, with eyes shining as bright as the sun. They look into my eyes for something hidden within me, yet known within themselves, like a cool hand on a fevered brow or a loving caress next to sleep.

I want to ask them who I am, but I’ve already been told it’s something I needn't see, the answers to that which I cannot know. Still, I call to them in my dreams and dance alongside their swaying hips. I hold them dear so they might soon share their Love with the new world.

They look as if they’ve known me forever, with eyes swimming to the same rhythm as my dreams, with the same gaze of the angels that hover next to me long after I’ve opened my eyes. Their skins shimmer under the morning sun as their wide and beautiful smiles beam a signal, an ivory banner of “Welcome Home!” They summon me into an unknown truth like the fate that writhes in the mind of a jumper, the heart safely tucked away beneath a daring l…

Too Big to Fail

(Occupy NWA)
Occupy them in revolution, but remember what it is to love, so that what remains reflects goodness and not sorrow.

Occupy the streets with peace and love and I will have made more of a difference, not only for today, but for untold tomorrows.

It is one thing to die and leave behind a legacy, it is quite another to live beyond my casualty that others might paint the future with my radiant death.

It is one thing to speak my mind while I'm living, it is quite another to have perished without ever having recognized the courage found in my breath.

When I arrived I was just beams assembled from who I was, when I parted ways I was a bridge constructed of who I had become.

© 2011 by mark prime

It Is Love, No?

(Love Tree by Bent Fork from Scenic Reflections)

It is Love, spoke the child.

No. You can’t love someone like that yet, you’re a child, said the adult.

It is Love, spoke the child.

No. It’s not love until you’re old enough to know what it really is, said the adult.

It is Love, spoke the child.

No. Love is a tricky thing, be careful or you’ll get hurt, said the adult.

It is Love, spoke the child.

No. I thought the same when I was your age, but it’s not, said the adult.

It is Love, spoke the child.

No. You can’t know Love until you’re older, until you’ve lived, said the adult.

It is Love, spoke the child.

No. Love doesn’t happen that way, it’s much harder, said the adult.

It is Love, spoke the child.

No. It isn’t. That’s just puppy love, not real Love, said the adult.

It is Love, spoke the child.

No. It is not Love between young kids, it hasn’t had time enough to blossom, said the adult.

You’ve grown too bitter, too harsh in your affectionate weather. You’ve grown too cold in your vow with love…