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Happy Anniversary my lovely love...

My love, this is the date that my joy wed your delight.
In truth, your love waited with an overly tolerant breath,
Carved my name in the space that waited for the other
Half of your soul to arrive. Your selfless heart yearned
Each and every day that pulsed without any rhythm from me.
Life seemed less than expected as your soul searched for the
Love that had so long before been unanswered and left to ache
Every time it eagerly sought the piece that fit so well.

Perchance you found me seeking the same, the mislaid portion
Ready to effortlessly slide into place and fill the void of years.
I am staggered by your patience, humbled by your affections,
Mad thrown with happiness that your Love for me remained,
Eager to forgive, willing to unlock your spirit and let me in.

I Love you more than any word could ever suggest its meaning.
My laughter has returned with a freedom that never escaped as fast.

Love, with its sweet breath, now soars in me through you.
Until this date arrived I was lost, be…

The Problem Is

(Photo via The Other Side - Feed the Children)
LOVE: The problem is not that your hope has sagging limbs. The problem is not that your love has splintering veins. The problem is not that your spirit’s numbed to arctic degrees. The problem is that you’re lethargic, dead to the dance of Love. The problem is that your lovelessness cracked the steel of your thoughts and drove a sledgehammer deep inside of you with the great weight descending from over the shoulders with a vengeance. The problem is that your fear tightened its grip on the handle of the hammer and you slung wrath’s weight and crushed a cartload of innocent children whose faces smiled up from their jumbled view with questions that never had the chance to be answered.

CHILD: “Why do you hate my blackened smile so much that you’d flatten it with the blunt instruments of your contempt?

CHILD: Why would you violently pull the teeth of my joy like a cruel dentist who loves his job to the same degree with which he abuses his chi…