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I Had A Dream That Love Was Dead

(To Make Mankind Great Again, Push to Mars (?))
I had a dream that love was dead. The earth’s face was caked in dirt, eyes oozed a brown fluid, green puss seeped from the ground and countless wooden stakes were driven through the heart. The ashen face was too much to comprehend, the suffering, too great to fathom, too dreadful to dream. What had I done? Had I truly murdered, assassinated the whole of love?

I called out to love, I shrieked to the heavens, but love’s eyes remained vacant, stilled by death, sunken from murder, emptied of life. I felt the tears flooding my face as I howled a solemn prayer for love to breathe once again. Do not forsake me, your child, do not fade from my foul use! Wake up! Wake up! I shuddered from the silence, death had at last found its way into love.

I awoke drenched in sweat. The morning light poured through the window. I thought, if love was dead, to whom was I praying?

© 2011 by mark prime

War Was Left With Little Choice

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The angry faces in the crowd shuffled their blistered feet in anticipation, I nodded and said that I loved them each and everyone, the sons and daughters of love. Their rigid faces quickly sagged with disappointment. (They were hoping for a fight.) Their breath, that of displeasure, plummeted through the ready air like a jumper left with little choice but to fly or fall away.

I asked them if they’d mind if I smiled upon their grimacing with joy, with a humble delight at their having come at all. I’m your brother. I’m you, you’re me, and we’re all love. They looked perplexed, the fight in them retreating, save for two holdouts who screamed and spit, You’re going to hell! and You’re crazy! Too late, the full and expectant silence melted their wrath from the moist air and the war in them was drenched in peace.

© 2011 by mark prime

Defuse and Disengage (Head-Lines)

Japan to Set Up New Nuclear Watchdog
More than two-thirds of Japan's 54 reactors are still offline and undergoing safety checks.

Defuse and disengage man’s assured ruin with a fearless serenity.

Am I not required to love all and serve my home with the same resolute affection, if I do not, let me finish it quickly, end my ill-conceived worship with the least amount of misery, drain creation’s nectar of love, dissolve my anguish forevermore.

Would U.S. police have done better in London?
That question must have come from sallow lips, sputtering in the dank air of summer’s burnt leaves bowing too early upon the sacred ground. “Better” is a word man should never utter, unless he’s speaking of love. It can only curl up with affection when the worst of man- pride, cruelty, vengeance and hopelessness- are humbled without end.

U.S. denies report alleging drone strikes kill 160 kids in Pakistan
Boom, Boom, Boom goes the bomb, wailed the children with shattered lips lying underneath the blott…

The Mask of My Pride

Why was I a proud slave to the system, a proud warrior bent in shame before the angry mob? Was it pride as I shaped it, a mask for my immense sadness?

I cried beneath my mask and found myself alone in my mourning. I wept beneath the frame and no one ever knew me. Do we really know another without having witnessed their love?

With my mask in place I’d have continued using the word “love” like a one word riddle. If I still donned my mask for the least of me, I’d have died without ever having been true to self, without ever having known who and what I am- love and peace.

© 2011 by mark prime

International Peace Institute (IPI) Promoting the prevention and settlement of conflict...

The Creation (Head-Line Poetry)

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U.S. Army to Deploy Robo Jeeps
The next couple of years are going to be rough, said the man I just met.
I almost said everything’s going to be okay, but opted to deploy silence instead.

The man and I parted ways with a mutual gravity of the unspoken…

Forces in Afghanistan kill militants involved in downing of copter
Rejoice! Rejoice! Rejoice!

Death has come with teeth this time! It growled, it shrieked, it lunged forth with the broken teeth of the last heap…

O when will I begin to see that my spleen has turned on me. Its hard shell, without breath, has come with weary worn legs and whirling minds, man as marionette.

Rejoice! Rejoice! Rejoice!

Death has come…

Most Americans believe U.S. on wrong track: poll
How long am I going to wait before I open my eyes to more than myself?

Life’s track circles the globe and mounts its painting upon the primitive easel and upon the museum of skies, edges made of living dust, floors of rock, ceilings of …

They're Not My Words To Keep

My voice is spilling a fullness that’s due. They’re not my words to keep, they belong to you.

My voice will not quiver, save for standing slack jawed at what I have done to the earth. I’ll not tremble in fear, my belief will shake away all of my useless weight; kings and queens, despots, and warring leaders.

You’ll not find me quivering or bent or wanting, my tongue will be drenched in goodness, hope and humanity, plummeting from an immense joy, a shield from the great noise, a pathway to the spoken word of peace, the sound and silence of creation.

© 2011 by mark prime

The Sun Stands Between

I did my best to see around the sun, trying to steal a glimpse of Love, which I imagined resembled my uneasy countenance. Shame on me.

Patience, honesty, acceptance, trust and joy, tools to be found along the pathway toward Love. I should not tirelessly seek the path, simply use the tools and the way will be learned. Do not imagine myself any more or any less worthy of affection than another upon the path, remember the blisters on my feet from the long walk that was my seeking and humbly acknowledge my newly lifted spirit.

Pain has a short-life, love lives forever. How dare I spoil the earth, dirty the sky and strangle Love and then with eager lips expect the gates of Heaven to open up to streets paved in gold...

© 2011 by mark prime

...By War

Grieve! Grieve! Grieve! Wail howling man’s sorrow like an infinite mist painting everything with the brush of exactness… 

Grieve! Grieve! Grieve! Mourn my woeful spirit and my failing courage, weep for the dead and dying of the battle with myself!

Screech a woeful prayer and permit peace to be your god...

Mourn a misery so profound that it holds open hoodwinked eyes long enough to reflect a consent of a grave paradox- suicide by war.

© 2011 by mark prime

Stop Motion (Head-Lines Aug 8th 2011)

Nokia Creates World’s Largest Stop-Motion Animation
Stop motion. End creation. Stop motion. Laughter’s end. Stop motion. End love. Stop motion. Begin again. Stop motion. Wingless birds. Stop motion. Soulless beasts. Stop motion. Sun doused. Stop motion. Star’s plunge. Stop motion. Breathe your last. Again! Again and again, until idleness cleaves away the breath of my Love! Again and again, until the stop motion ends my fragile grasp.

Chimpanzees’ Not As Selfish As We Thought
In other words, I thought more of myself than the collective whole because as a whole I imagined I had no self, but, alone, my mind went rigid with preconceived notions, gray and white thoughts, others beliefs, hatred, noise, murder, war, fear…

How could I alone have done anything else or imagined that I accomplished anything more than failure?

© 2011 by mark prime

Wa... Harmony and Peace...

Shodo Art Wa is the Japanese kanji symbol meaning "Harmony and Peace". There are a few Kanji symbols. In them, Wa is the most typical. There are the kanji idioms which are using Wa, such as HeiWa (peace), ChouWa (harmony) and Wakai (reconciliation). Wa is expressing the peaceful mind and harmonious world. The Kanji symbol of Wa will match anywhere.

I’d forget the living for a moment if I could but imagine myself among the dead and dying.

Forget Setsuko Nosaka and the dead of Kobe, Japan.

Yes! Forget them and remember the living!

For the consecrated dead, for the mounds of unclaimed bone let me forever consider the living!

Remember… Remember… Remember… the multi-colored rainbow of Hiroshima’s breathing humanity.

Remember... Remember... Remember… the hue of laughter among the living of Nagasaki.

Remember... Remember... Remember… the short and steep living rivers turned sacred drains to wash over dead tombs.

Remember… Kyouko Minami and the dead of Okinawa.

Remember… the breathin…

Dead Cherubs

Millions gone, heavy bombs, bullet holes never looked so dead, millions of shoes, millions of feet, millions of arms, millions of sleeves, millions of bullet holes, bombs, grenades and knives and millions of guns and murder and war, millions of children’s ashen hands stacked up like dead cherubs, millions of angels no longer able to blush, to breathe lungs into man’s spirit, millions robbed of their remaining breath, billions served and given to tales made of fear, billions of fearful beasts, young and old, male and female, billions of spirits broken by dread, by the tether of what you call love, love by another name is not yours to shape, billions of stars, billions of light-years, billions of unknowns, billions of wasted seconds, forgone love, billions guilty, I'm guilty, we're all guilty, billions and billions and billions of the guilty, no need to know, begin again, billions begin again to believe in love, billions of loves, billions of beliefs, billions of forgiveness, b…