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With Purpose Comes This

(Beggars-eyes by Jody Fallon)
I cannot know what destiny awaits me. I cannot know where the stars came from or when mischief’s charade will end, or if my friends are really my friends or if this is just part of the bigger picture.

Nicknames feign loyalty like The Sopranos® or lend their snake oil charms to the easiest prey so I might use my own thievery to prosper the blade. With my deeds winding tight across my flesh, I'm intertwined with bribes that steal the tongue of another’s spiritual grace.

There was never meant to be Cain and Abel- a made-up tale of woe and murder and kinship… This tale of brothers (like my veins) whose manifestations mock and denounce the sacred ground upon which they lay their heads is a most heart-wrenching failure.

All I know cannot begin to fill such emptiness grown too thin from the years of self-deceit.

My sole purpose is to love…

For love to indeed conquer all, I must treasure my duty to the eartH, the water and the sky, and hold dearest the sacred…

Frothing Sun (Head-Lines~Wednesday~7/27/2011)

Monster Waves Behind Sun’s Coronal Heating Mystery?
The first question solar physicists are usually faced with when talking about the coronal heating problem is: "The sun's hot! Why are you surprised that its atmosphere is hot too?" It's not that the corona is hot that surprises solar astronomers, it's the fact that whereas the solar "surface" (the photosphere) is known to be a few thousand degrees Kelvin (or Celsius), the tenuous atmosphere just above has been measured in themillions of degrees Kelvin.

An analogy of this would be the air surrounding a light bulb being hotter than the light bulb's surface. It would actually get hotter as you moved your hand away from the bulb! That wouldn't make much sense, and the fact that the sun's atmosphere is hotter than the solar surface suggests something very weird is going on.

The heat of the great star fills our lungs with life, keeps us frothing with stories written by mortals, those who put a dee…

In the Pulse of Air

(More people die from polluted water every year than from all forms of violence)
In the pulse of air a rumbling’s begun to shape us, the asylum of affinity and Heaven exhaling away a throbbing orb. It's burning too brown now with no sympathy or reprieve. Echoing in our uneasy eyes is a vibrating dread just over our heads, through angry shades blown of dust.

No break, no dawn, just a violent flailing! Sympathy and faith, joy and mirth, pawned for a few seconds more of our haggling for an nth of unhappy greed.

Humanity is scratching at Love with a steady coldness. The children and their laughter, their dance and their chatter, the moon and the stars and our green thoughts are all drained to murmurs by our full-scale sorrow.

Where are the sunrises and sunsets seen through caring eyes? Where’s the happiness in our laughter, the high tides in our Love?

Here… all the lawns are groomed like a preacher’s beard, trees traded for sprawl, gardens undone by man’s oily venom, for glossy pools …