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A Deflated Rapture

The Undying Dead - Laverstone Tales)
3 U.S. troop deaths in Iraq lead to highest toll in 3 years
Three more U.S. service members were killed in Iraq, making June the deadliest month for American troops in combat since 2008. A total of 14 troops have been killed in combat this month, and another service member died in a noncombat-related incident. This was the highest number of combat deaths since June 2008, when 23 U.S. service members were killed.

Flesh falls away from peace with the squall of time. One, two, three, fourteen, twenty-three, blown to bits by the windswept assassination, relentless lips deflated of a full rapture as Love’s unbolted from her cheerful hymn.

Why insist on fumbling the original pledge? Enough guts to brave the world’s teeth that gnash away at happiness? The fine powder of industry hurling gutters of deliberation amid such noisy gloom stating the time is ripe to end the birthing pangs.

Recognize the affinity to Love’s waiting course, let beasts smile upon it…

The Crow Remembers Me

U.S. cost of war at least $3.7 trillion and counting

Each love in this place breathes its own air.

The individual truth, which isn’t universal in its exactness, still soars, yearns to be set free of my hold. After all, what’s it worth to one? It’s lonely, languid, and most ready to take its place in the back alleys of abhorrence. The bean counter hesitates. What of the growing numbers that furrow their way across my arid tongue?

I have much to do. Where to start, who to seek, what to gain? Imagine the lives saved from the dust of war, like a video game where Love triumphs over the misuse of insane doctrines. And these words, like all others, are thoughts that grapple of laughter, liberty, life and Love.

Crows Remember Angry Humans. They Never Forget Their Face.

Scanning the face of trouble, is inherent like the blush of love detected as I dance with another living spirit moving across my span of breath, my affections.

The Blue-winged Warbler pecks at the beetle moving beneath the shado…

New & Untouched... (Head-Lines)

(Discovery News)
Space Station Alert as Debris Makes 250 Meter Near miss
820 feet may not feel intimately close, but when it’s just you and a few comrades (and multiple tons of floating metal) you’re going to need help, to comfort the seen and unseen turmoil that is yours to bear. Thus it is up to us, we must champion the cause; our survival.

Coffee May Ward Off Alzheimer’s
Something to stave off even worse things than some creeping subliminal death, only to then act as if it doesn’t matter yet regret the reaping of what I alone have sown…

New, Untouched Tribe Discovered in Amazon
Unscathed and upon my knees… Unhurt by the incessant flap of my lips. Unharmed by my foul use of her soil, yet, not untouched…

Gadhafi could face rape charges, international prosecutor says
Rape, murder, fraud, neglect. It’s already done my friends. What my animal wants in the flesh has begun to deliciously feast upon my soul.

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Bearing Down (Head-lines)

(Procentus - Corruption Index)
Blagojevich convicted on corruption charges
Corruption’s like the school bully- he’s not liked and he’s certainly not loved, (save for his dear mother), his fear and our trembling is what brought dishonesty to such heights.

Corruption’s like a town drunk- he’s well liked, yet love eludes his gait, (even his mothers), his odor is spinelessness, his spleen’s that of death at any cost.

California ban on sale of 'violent' video games to children rejected
O! Children, come! Play games that needn’t split flesh with indifference, needn't smash bone to smithereens like it’s slate rock. The thin layers of forged love cascading along like fortune are a picture we alone paint, then destroy, as if rubbish. Violence has the somber bearing of the grim reaper, peace has the passageway of love nearest its center.


Ex-Citigroup VP accused of stealing $19 million
A pittance to war. A smallness uncounted. A tank, a plane, a ship, a bomb... All of the starvi…