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The Children's Garden

(Twilight Zone "Masks" via Fascination of Fear)
I’ve been busy trying to hide away. Hide away from all of the spewing ash, the upside down lips in a hurry to leave, the trees, the mountains, the rivers and seas. O! The full-throated beauty of The Garden! What an exquisite place to be able to lay my head, it gives me everything I need to be, to live and laugh and at the peak of everything, immersed with love!

I’m not sure that “who” matters much to me anymore. I’d ask you, but what would I really be asking and what would you really be answering, something you’ve heard or read before? No. You’ll be speaking with your own sweet breath. I’ve been trying to tell you for some time. It’s too late now. Quiet, children! Your minds are much too full of death! Okay. The masks can come off now. Live, laugh and love!

© 2011 by mark prime

Lifetimes of Shame Instead of Love

There are no two things that are the same, a blessing and a curse whispering my lessons with trembling lips and driving my red face down into dust. Might I triumph this round, stagger to my corner with legs of rust?

When the sun glints its breath over the seas and streams golden air across the span like a garden of sunflowers, I have to laugh at the breadth of my stupidity. Most damp and dim and without good reason my native Love’s been sabotaged leaving hemorrhaging corpses heavy upon my back, as if I hadn’t enough to carry, enough blood to wash from my slothful hands.

I keep coming back to faith with a vulture’s famine, hunched over a torrent of veins, cleaving the shadows laughing beneath my beak. I return again and again in search of a sunken truth, like a hound on the scent of wide-eyed rabbits darting in and out of the brush, ears unready to hear, eyes exhausted from panic, legs hammering their noise against the thing most lethal to reason; fear.

There are no two things that ar…

The Anguish in the Children's Eyes

(Fine Art ~ Anguish by Jennifer Walford)
The anguish in the children’s eyes brings me to trembling, a blue’s riff lingering too long in my hollowness like vanity. Like fatal weaponry pointed inward on the world’s kinship, honed in on my brethren of flesh and bone, my original family, like the coldness of death that’s come unattached from the spirit.

They cannot know my belief. It’s hard enough to have my own these days with all belief colliding into the unknown, which has never been known, its been the bird singing at my feet, striding over the warble of what might be known, as far as knowing is even possible.


As far as I am able to know anything, anything that’s been all around me since my beginning, it has also been outside of my frail human grasp.

Truth is very elusive. Yes. Truth is also unknown, so it would stand to reason that it’s obscure. Yes.

Nothing can be known that is unknowable and visa versa, in my flush of flesh, in my brittle of bones, in my he…

WARNING: Mankind (Head-Lines)

(Discovery News)
Obama to announce plan to pull 30,000 troops out of Afghanistan
Thirty thousand. More is needed. Much more. Bring water and food. Haul peace in by the jackboot. March war out of the sand by the scruff of its matted shell, drag it kicking and screaming of our deluded ownership.

Thirty thousand. More is needed. Much more. Arms held out with love turning in its fingers, bombs diffused with great care. Boom Boom Boom, inhales the lie. Hush Hush Hush, exhales truth…

Greece: Athens faces moment of truth, EU's Barroso says
A moment of truth would be nice to see. Full lips kissing all of the leftover love, hips grown down into the soil of our feet, truth bubbling up over wobbled knees, peace rising along with the new moon.

FDA releases 9 dire tobacco warning labels
WARNING: Mankind may cause dread.

Cancer, like war, rears its god-fouled head. Cancer, like murder, whirls its dry blade in us. Cancer, like abuse, puts its hands to our throats. Cancer, like genocide, strangles u…