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I Am Taken

( From Global Warming Defined ) I am taken by the earth’s lamp swimming overhead, a Great White circling for prey, waiting for blood to gush forth like a tsunami that it may devour the cheerless rubble and reign as king over the children. I am taken by the many tree’s standing at attention like a massive territorial army moving with the wind and tide and aiming all of the branches downward, narrowing their eyes to imagine death. I am taken by the seemingly motionless mountain and clear-cut icy peaks mourning their frozen scratch, tumbling down, screeching of a looming failure, an amateur skier kissing the ashen frost. I am taken by nightfall’s lantern dangling overhead judging our darkness with a peaceful gaze, with a golden sphere of certainty carrying man to howl at his expression slouched over the burnt and oily earth. © 2011 by mark prime

Behind the Tapestry

( Hamlet artwork from Emsworth ) Winter’s leaving here, deserting the rivers and trees. I’ll survey the damage from safety, a shrunken counselor veiled behind the tapestry , the symbol and scrape shuddering in the squall. Osric, Ophelia and sweet prince, won’t you navigate the North and Baltic Sea and sail into Denmark’s sun? I’ve been expecting you, a tragedy holding out for champion, the gray and wide-eyed cape to shroud my eyes and mouth like a theatre mask, a circus, a camouflage, a falseness uncalled for. I can see you walking beside me on the water’s frame, in the retreating silence, two famished beasts leaning silently into view like a scolded child, poking their heads around my judgment without the songbird’s consent. Won’t you come to me, join me on my walk? Love? © 2011 by mark prime