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Eternal Truth

(Picture from Philly Dawg)
When lovers forgot their connection to one another at dawn I probed for reasons beyond my arms, lifting damp eyes. Might I memorize this; my proximity cleaved by ire and rage, the familiar heartbeat?

Perhaps I should reconsider.

Days of strafing the dappled splendor of the blue green rapture, mining the forest, tainting the water and sky and creature’s of flesh leaves me tomorrow. If I am to see myself, might I heed the warming wind and not the might of my kind with gun, grenade, and pitching death?

Wrap arms around my affection so I might wear Love like a coat. We are brothers and sisters and I’ve loved you for eternity.

© 2011 by mark prime

For Sale (reduced price)

(Texas seashell)
I've dreamed the dream backwards...
the house and car and nuclear options stuffed inside of my waterless shell,
the four year degree trumping a lifetime of truth howling above love’s storm,
the dog and cat and two little brats picket fence and a parakeet for color,
the crash of tainted waters beneath real-estate signs that litter the moon
as war’s brush paints everything red

© 2011 by mark prime