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A Spot Remains (Head-Lines 3/17/11)

(Arctic polar stratospheric clouds like these lead to ozone destruction--- Ross Salawitch) Salt Grain-sized Cameras Can Travel Inside Body
Microscopic memories caught in mid-air.
Pains surface on the map, thin red lines make my eyes seem most depraved.
Insignificant am I.

Record Low Ozone in the Arctic
There are three dishes served here;
regret, which is served as an appetizer,
and blood and bone, that glow brightly and only rise to melt away.

Japanese cherish the simple amid compounded tragedy
Tomorrow the quaking earth will rear her dreary mourning.
I will fruitlessly try to quell her anguish with an observance of flags; my collapse.

U.S. hints at Libya airstrikes as Gadhafi pounds rebels
It makes me want to hide from the murdering,
flee the burning building, the truth of my days,
but not without being a witness to death,
behind the eyes the pounding begins.

Japan dumps water on overheating reactor
A hole breathes in my response,
a spot remains on my mottled skin.
My failing grows…