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A Treasonous Revolution (2/24/11)

Indiana Official: "Use Live Ammunition" Against Wisconsin Protesters
The barrel’s are hellish red, tenderized flesh,
hanging low like ancient oaks playing Twister,
with limbs unfolded in the leftover light beneath the sleeping feet of clay.

Another Runaway General: Army Deploys Psy-Ops on U.S. Senators
Nothing rings a bell in these cautious days,
from Wisconsin to Cairo, Christchurch to Tehran,
save for the wind puffing warily overhead
or the breathing chest crafted from terror.

Tennessee Bill Dubs Sharia Law ‘Treasonous,’ Would Punish Muslims With 15 Years In Jail
The rumble of thunder’s punishment, happy to swill my dry lips,
a loveless experiment dripping upon the blasted ground,
a laboratory where horror oozes from the earth with the stench of scalded coffee.

It’s Become a Global Revolution: "Egypt Supports Wisconsin Workers"
Within this revolution, I must ask, what of equality, what of Love, what of death?
We march onward, ready to salute peace
as the five-sided…