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This is Incredible (event 7)

This is incredible…

Me sitting in the candlelit sun-room in a haze of dream; warm, loving, spectacular; dreams of goodness found in her embrace, (It is not fictional, it is real!) while the world shares its love with weapons, with greed, with gluttony, and with a knowledge of the things it's done to brothers and sisters. (It’s not make-believe, it’s real!) Shame on me for not seeing it before! (I am but a wretched beast!) I'm meant for ideas that lift the spirit, assurances that it’s all going to be okay, that everything works out in the end, that life goes on. ...I don’t know. (I’m a wretched-thinking beast!)

The knowledge of not knowing seems to have doused the light.


This is incredible…

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The Revolution of Truth (Head-Lines, 2/10/11)

Reports: Mubarak May Step Down
Yesterday’s news serenades Egypt with freedom’s fleeting look,
woos Egyptians with the triumphant echo in "coup d'├ętat",
kisses them tomorrow with the grizzled lips of deceit.

Egypt's Mubarak refuses to quit
All the leftover promises from the most recent discontent have all been drained away,
never realized, lifted from the people’s satchel with beaks woven from tyranny…

Mubarak Does Not Step Down or “Leave” as Egyptians Had Wanted
As if a gun had been fired just above their heads,
the blast fell hard upon them!
The bullet echoed of heartbreak, of unreturned promise.
The final word- “Leave!” ricocheting off the revolutionary tongue…

Handover or (Military) Coup?
Boots stamping along the streets, are they friend or foe,
enemy or ally, handover or takeover,
are they the noise made when a gun barrel’s held against the temple?
Might they be the hands of mercy and love?

Defiant Mubarak refuses to resign
This dominion of cruelty’s lunged forth in…