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Dream the Earth (a tribute to John Lennon)

Dream the eartH as paradise, as our only home, the sky as our roof shrouding every nation, dream that mankind loves everyone today.

Dream without any borders, it’s easier to do, no one to shove or kill, churches are the sky dreaming of mankind smiling on one another.

I may just be idealistic, there are many more like me who dream of holding kindness as mankind’s Love is seen.

Dream of no ownership, I’ve no doubt you can, no want for war or hunger in the seed that makes up man. Dream for all of mankind to cherish another as a gift.

I may be seen as an idealist to some, yet I’m not the only person that dreams of peace and joy and wants mankind to love as one.

© 2010 by mark prime

Folded Away

Drop this bomb on my kind's gods, for, like the wind raging now, I'll settle my pledge, brightening The Creator’s gift one last time for my amusement. If I dream an escape from fault or in error of my loudness kept, is it not my closing reverie, it's everything I've made folded away by my thinking?

I exhale with howls upon a human-fouled Eden and hold in my hand the truth of Love’s creation. Oh! How bent are the days with my hardened kindness denying the eartH and sky!

Might I rescue Love from disgrace, or is this eternal dream of hereafter my termination?

© 2010 by mark prime