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Of Birds

Picture by Darko Bandic, AP This Week In Memoriam | Crooks and Liars The Pentagon released the names of eight service members killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. US Marines LCpl  Philip P Clark , 19, Gainesville, FL US Army PFC  Jason D Fingar , 24, Columbia, MO US Army SPC  Stanley J Sokolowski III , 26, Ocean Township, NJ US Army SSG  Amilcar H Gonzalez , 26, Miami, FL US Army PFC  Christopher R Barton , 22, Concord, NC US Army MAJ  Ronald W Culver Jr , 44, Shreveport, LA US Army SGT  Edwin Rivera , 28, Waterford, CT US Marines Cpl  Jacob C Leicht , 24, College Station, TX According to iCasualties, the total number of  allied soldiers killed in Iraq is 4,718; in Afghanistan, 1,789 . During this same period, Iraq Body Count lists  77 Iraqi civilians killed . In Afghanistan,    "human error" has been blamed for a February rocket/missile attack .   Spencer Ackerman has a post on drone attacks and civilian casualties  at Attackerman worth reading. ~ It is signi