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And We Stand Between (Blog Against Theocracy 2010)

It has shamefully landed here and we stand between collecting the shattered parts of an immaculate truth shackled in devout steel. Can you see? Has your belief blinded you?

Beneath the wailing and gnashing of your minds lie millions of rotting corpses, the heavy shroud of illusion, distended bellies of starvation, pools of savagely beaten women with despicable and pious vengeance, a scorched and failing planet, an immense corruption of flesh, insidious indoctrination of souls and the greed of god-fouled power!

Look! See what this means?

Stepping heavily now is this beast of conceit whose footprints seem familiar to us, we know them, we recognize their depraved pace, whose breath we imagine so sweet, arms outstretched and beckoning, and whose word brings us to fomenting murder, even a reckless and eyeless beast knows when it’s dying, and we stand between collecting the shattered parts of an immaculate truth shackled in devout steel.

© 2010 by mark prime

Mercenary and Noise

Medvedev vows to destroy bombers
The people sway at his words, pretending heaven tumbles into this, his unforgiving plot that will soon come back to greet their heavy hearts.

Multiple Israeli strikes hit Gaza
The children were dressed for the parade, yet they knew not what awaited their joy, what unknown would greet them on their path, things that had the power to dull their hearts.

Army: Gays Still Can Be Dismissed If They Speak Up
This rule that breathes gives no answer, in the firmness of the warrior our exposed intolerance stirs our blind procession, our dwindling freedom.

Feds argue against releasing 8 members of Michigan militia
The standing mercenary with the noise in his throat like the gurgle of death bubbling up with the blood of tyrants.

How dependent is the U.S. on foreign oil?
The church bells chime, the rainfall falls, the mountains mount, but the smell of addiction does not fade, empires, without exception, do.

© 2010 by mark prime

Learning to Swim (Amerotica)

The water waits on us as we lay upon the sand. Waiting, waiting for our bodies to become one. You say, "I do not know how to swim” and I say, “I will teach you”. But that is a lie, it is the water that will instruct us both. We walk into the water until it laps at our stomachs, it surrounds us... our fingers, toes, breasts, tongues, lips, our naked bodies held by the ocean’s soothing caress. The water doesn't think of our fear. It holds us. It sways our bodies. The water cannot sense our doubts, our joy, it only senses we're there waiting within it, another tiny thing suspended in its grip. My hands under your back are like small hover crafts balancing you in the water that holds our smiles. Our lips and tongues meet in a tender and watery dance.

The ocean doesn't know we’re smiling, doesn't sense our urgent breath, it is without conscience, yet exhaling with us. It could easily wash us away if it knew our thoughts, the evil outside of this moment, instead it hol…