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Between Them All (Head-Lines)

Suicide Attack in Pakistan Kills 75
The careful plodding of men with vengeance worn like a sweater stretched tight upon their soul greet us in languages we need learn but will not while there’s war to be made.

Iraqis outraged as Blackwater case thrown out
Anger, bleeding like the mouth of two rivers found in the drought of justice, shall soon flow by other means.

Missed signals cleared way for suspect to board plane
Fear was no longer the weight increased by our strategy, our steel shelter that drapes us like scarves, but again it was ready to acquire its place, adorned on foreign shoulders.

Iran reformist criticizes government crackdown
Ahead of the darkness, within the lucid entrance of freedom, the flesh of civilian, driven by feet breathing rainfall, demands to be heard. Their story shall be told.

Pakistan Taliban claims it carried out CIA attack - CIA Resolved to Avenge Agents' Deaths
Between them both sits a jackal with red eyes set upon its prey, patient, steady, prepared to di…

The Symbol of Our Days (9/11)

Lessons learned from 9/11 terrorist attacks?

What is it that the wail of our voice has given us in the stamp of days lurching forward on the damp streets, eyes upon our feet, omitting the faces reflected in this glass grown in our hands and thickened skies over the oceans clot of war’s nectar, man’s squander, while mountains give way to unconscious machines, voices, wooden with a thick green-love?

What is it that the wail of our voice has given us that the march of a grassless plain or an iceless crest cannot sign, we gauge their descent like a killer, set to be forgiven sins we’ll soon commit, as pointed fingers wag at the surging breach leaning its majesty over the dampened sun.

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