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Trust Them (11/12/09 Head-Lines)

Official: Obama rejects Afghan options
When clarity hoisted its unruffled head, persuading tolerance and harmony, it asked but one simple question, what is all this hurry for digging graves?

Get ready, America: Here comes Sarah Palin
For the same reason we do not pick the green fruit from the tree, we must not, no matter how moved, select the greenest of ourselves to lead, and when faced with rotten fruit, we must be quick in discarding it altogether.

American Adviser to Kurds Stands to Reap Oil Profits
Now that they are able to see it, the people, waiting, grinding their teeth, their trust frail, a miserable pledge they’d heard before, a ruse, cuddles up next to an ashen liberty.

Host Lou Dobbs To Leave CNN
In the room with the talking box, where we gather to be awash in consumption, a tiny flicker adheres to our wonder.

Women Can’t be Trusted to Make Their Own Healthcare Decisions
They show them the tools of liberty, guns, tanks, planes, bombs, rockets, chairs, boards, shock, awe, death…

Identifiable Objects (Wednesday Head-Lines - 11/11/09)

Service honors fallen at Fort Hood
Within all that is observed and undetectable, a memorial service, somber, a knot in the quaking cosmos. The boots and helmets and guns at attention. They stand ever still staring like creation, the devout sermons trailing them, leak a thimble of truth.

Deadly blast hits Pakistani town
This day’s count as it leaps, higher still, and where death rushes in, a blinding illumination crests within the winter of those still living.

States Mold School Policies to Win Federal Money
This is backwards! A wingless bird. A toothless shark. A blind guide. A spoken secret. A vivid shadow in the well lit dark.

Vatican Scientists Seek Evidence Of Alien Life
Galileo challenged them once, but this isn’t confrontation, this is the waste of spirit in a sky of seeking gods.

Big Bankers Say They're Doing God's Work ... Are They Right?
This would be the stuff of fairy tales, if not for its being bankrupt of justice, the wolf, after all, tried to convince the sheep that …


The first box that arrived felt measured in stirring its love, took its time and danced a slow, involuntary drudge.

The second box swooped in- full tilt, red, white and blue, its gruesome melody taunting me in a complicit rue.

The third box that came home, yellow pine aroma aloft, pinched the air, stench of a war movie I’d watched.

The fourth box that reared its death to the terminal skies marched with a cadence, lockstep primordial demise.

The fifth and sixth and the three thousandth box to come suffered horror, hundreds of millions of gutless tongues.

© 2009 by mark prime

In Flight (Head-Line Poetry 11-9-09)

Hasan tied to mosque of 9/11 hijackers
These things scatter like shards of steel carried in the air, gaping jaws, flags, winged by the soaring flesh of gravity, memories leap up, piercing the hue of skin.

More troops needed for Afghanistan: U.S. General Casey
And while they’re airborne in that nameless sky, because only vengeance can offer them comfort while torture moves in chorus with their stillness, they shall go in any direction the sightless point.

For Opponents of Abortion, a Victory in Health Care Vote
Foul captivity swells within these rich designs as their victory aborts the revered manuscript and their dream unveils our snatched decline.

UK honors fallen as Afghan death toll rises
The song’s been bellowing for much too long on behalf of death and the pale memory of death, so what song shall we sing for the victims?