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Guantanamo inmate to be released
Unaccountable flesh and bone and greed and cruelty mixed in with the fineness of a discarded spider’s leg and everything else that we’ll soon release of ourselves.

Iran to release prominent reformist from jail
Stride slowly now warrior... over the sidewalk toward your battle. It will be this taste, this air that you shall carry for others to breathe.

House Democrats clinch healthcare deal
There is still a little life left in you, inside thy sacrosanct chamber a small portion of duty and sympathy. It is this tenacity we desire; decency, within each of you singing stridently. Now get back to the people's business, there's much more work to do.

Mayan Calendar Spurs End-Of-The-World Debate
This is what I know of ancient thought- It is a map of the world best not read with certainty. These things have myth and wonderment attached to them. History for them has already moved on. They wept. They danced. They dreamed.

Extreme Right Wing Racists Like Beck, D…

(7/29/09) WEDNESDAY

Iran 'releases 140 demonstrators'
Was it dark in there? Were you in pain? Is it light outside on the path to sovereignty? Do you have the same evil upon your streets as we? Why does gloom sit with you on the crimson sidewalk?

Careful that you not tarry long, for wickedness will surely wipe the efforts of tyrants upon your joy.

Gates says U.S. urban pullout in Iraq going well
Are you proud?

Rush to war has made us slaves, not free men. America, listen to this- the clack of warfare and greed are noiseless compared to the sharp whip of slavery which is giving birth to a world that will soon bow to tyranny.

Iraqi Forces Reportedly Open Fire, Beat Iranian Exiles
Has it endured our stay? Has it remained; death? Through the liquid sidewalks and solid air I can see the faces of those still trapped there, staring out with astonishment that their brother had come to kill them.

Suspect In Abortion Doctor's Death Pleads Not Guilty
How does it feel to be "Not guilty"? Yes. You&#…