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7/17/09 FRIDAY

Taliban threatens to kill captured GI
A colossal, gloom stuffed breathing thing moved over the land with a push from inadvertent liberty. They said they weren’t sure if it was from this world and begged the hostage to find the nearest well hole and drag it kicking and screaming down with him...

Chaos besets 9/11 court hearing
O, thank you, lords of turmoil, thank you for this stunning day, how bone quaking hideous it must be.

Keep Guantanamo open, September 11 families say
Great red gash spreading open with terror in its womb, all those who love this land stand and watch with dismay.

Judge Sotomayor and My Lesson From Eighth Grade
The little girl wore her best outfit to school. Her mother knitted it for her in much the same way she had woven the sweet child from birth, knowing it would never be enough for some.

(7/13/09) MONDAY

Blasts kill 2 Marines in Afghanistan
As we stand near the afternoon window and the sun dances through the glass, someplace a marine gets lifted and children lose their mom or dad in the crowd while our hearts pound out misery’s song.

Children die in harsh Peru winter
The snow unfastens a child’s fortress and a bluebird’s song- their expression moves through the Inca Empire where an enduring chain of anticipation shadows a cruel, beautiful landscape.

Cheney hid CIA program from Congress: senator
It must be a lonely walk into the fortified mind bent upon the insensible air of cruelty leaning smugly against the wall.

Two Held in Murder of Fla. Couple With 16 Kids
Murder, must you rear your monstrous head within this? Must you grin with such pride at having triumphed? Soon you shall be asked, “Is death done with you?”

6 Baghdad churches bombed; 4 dead
Why must they weep so? Aren’t they proficient at grieving like a child that’s never dreamt? I shall ask this of them when death is done.

Eugenics – M…